Monday, September 15, 2014


i just spent a week hanging out in one of my favorite places on earth (cambria, ca).  so much raw beauty, direct access to big sur and hearst castle, hiking trails, tidepools and beaches, cool inviting temperatures and diverse and interesting places to see and things to do.  what could be better?  well, how about sharing the time with some people near and dear to me that i don’t get to see very often?

big sur coastline

mcway falls

morning visitors

my sister and brother and their spouses came out from michigan (by plane and car, respectively) and we all met at a spacious house we had rented, complete with a deck and lovely pacific view.  how cool is that? 

chillin in the beach house

ocean view

ron's famous stir-fry

posing on the bluff hike

 we all talked about the fact that we know a lot of families that could never do something like this. differences, grudges, old resentments and bitterness keep some from spending even a short time together.  sad. not that we do not have our differences – far from it!  we have taken different paths in life and do not all share the same interests and beliefs.  a week is a lot of togetherness and it was not without a few challenges. 

say cheese!

so much cool marine life

looking for moonstones

in the end, though, the times of sharing memories and laughs, ideas and support for each other is what stands out.  quality time, so many conversations….  i’m so very fortunate to have a family that is still healthy and intact.  we are all getting older and realize the preciousness of this time…. blessed and so very grateful for the opportunity.

dog friendly beaches

me and my sibs

the last night