Sunday, October 19, 2014

Upcoming Investigation

it’s been going on for a while…. our love affair with the pacific northwest.  every summer we seem to be drawn there and continue to be completely smitten with the wildness of it, the rugged beauty, the dog-friendliness, the green, cool, misty climate and the myriad of intriguing places to explore.

there’s been talk of making it more permanent…. especially after the dry, scorching summer we have had.  but we are southern californians.  we’ve lived here 40+ years and are not used to “weather” of any kind, be it rain, damp, cold or snow.  and we have friends.  acquaintances.  connections. involvements.  how could we ever leave all that? 

well, we are not sure that we can.  but life is short and we want to be open to new options.  not stay stuck in our comfort zone.  be willing to try something new.  so we are heading up one more time. straight to the olympic peninsula, the rain shadow in particular (only 16 or so inches of annual rain).

this time, not a vacation so much as a fact-finding mission.  we are purposely choosing october and november to sample the cool, rainy weather.  we will be looking at real estate.  dreaming a little and hoping to meet the locals.  finding out what they love and don’t love about the area.  exploring the art community.  the services and hiking trails. 

could be that it won’t work out and we will come back happy to be where we are.  or…. who knows?  keeping an open mind. will keep you posted.