Tuesday, March 29, 2011


our moments march
forever facing forward
some pretty, others less endearing
each one passing
politely yielding to the next

then silently surrendering
their own original fibers
into the fabric of the whole
a fabric rich and colorful
and utterly unique

 some are woven
of intense and vibrant hues
full of texture, enticing and inviting

 though others are dark,
irregular in weave,
even filled with holes
or unraveling,
their stories are no less compelling

 when the moments cease
the fabric remains
bathed in buoyant nostalgia
and dripping with dreams
fulfilled (or not),
a lasting legacy to
the finite parade of moments


Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm not Waiting for Anything...

i’m not waiting for anything.  this thought hit me out of the blue the other day.  during all those years of teaching i was always waiting for the weekend.  or spring break. or, best of all, summer vacation.  often counting the days.  even when i liked what i was doing.  why?  well, apparently i liked what i did more when i wasn’t at work.  and… i had very little insight or practice into living in the moment.

it’s been almost 2 years since i’ve had to deal with the rigors of getting up in the morning and heading out the door to work.  it’s been a time of transition for sure. with many ups and downs.  one of the biggest ups has been the opportunity to soak up the wisdom of so many fabulous books and blogs and  to connect with so many very wise women (thank you!!!)

a steady diet of inspiration can have a powerful effect!  it doesn’t happen overnight, but in looking back over these last couple of years, i can see a shift occurring.   at this particular time in my life, i’m enjoying each day as it comes, learning, growing and attempting to create a little goodness to put back out into the universe.  sure, i look forward to upcoming events, but they are not the reference point of my life.  today.  right now.  that’s where it’s at.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opening up

i’ve observed a tendency for some people to close down a bit with aging.  to become more entrenched in ideas and behavior patterns that have served them throughout their lives. 
 to view the world from within the confines of those ideas and to view those with different beliefs (be they cultural, political, religious, artistic, psycho-social, whatever…) or life-styles as less informed, incorrect or simply “less than”.

not only do i NOT want to fall prey to this tendency, i want to go in the other direction as i age.  becoming MORE open to new ideas, MORE open to reality as it presents itself
(whether or not it meets my expectations),
MORE accepting of others, MORE non-judgmental, MORE compassionate.  we are ALL connected, all “cut from the same cloth”.  we have many more similarities than differences.  

 i want to breathe more,
notice more,
feel more,
share more,
give more.

 it’s not easy.  but i feel that stating the intention is the first
 step.  we can learn SO much from each other.   
we just need to listen with an OPEN heart.

  i’m keeping all of this in mind as i prepare for the next space between retreat
which has been time-shifted to NEXT weekend due to SNOW
(like i said, reality presenting itself, not necessarily according to my expectations!)

Monday, March 21, 2011


i love words
words with muscles
strong enough
to bear gifts on their backs
 that become conduits
into the soul
direct flight
the next best thing
to reality

sometimes just
can have a more
powerful voice than
one hundred

they visit me
and uninvited
but usually when
i’ve been able to clear
the brain clutter
and give them
a little corner in there…

what would we ever do
without them??

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


growing up, i was taught that life was pretty much black and white.  cut and dried.  that the answers to any and all questions about life and the universe were contained between the covers of one book.  i tried really hard to believe that, but i had a lot of trouble.  i eventually found it too confining and have since stepped beyond those confines and opened myself up to mystery.

 there are a lot of people who think they have life all figured out and i can’t fault them for that.  obviously, it’s comforting and maybe they know something i don’t.   but personally, not only do i feel that i don’t know the answers to life’s “big questions”, but i feel that they are “unknowable”.  

 we humans have not been so gifted with definitive answers and i believe that’s a good thing - therein lies the mystery!  look up at the night sky (or at some of the landscapes here) and you can’t help but be struck by it.  i love it – the total sense of awe and wonder.

 maybe it’s just me, but i would find a life in which i thought i knew all the answers to be on the boring side.  i love exploring new ideas, searching, learning and staying open to new experiences.  it’s such a rich and wondrous life, filled with treasures, lessons and, yes, mystery.  i embrace it!!