Friday, December 31, 2010

JustBe Recap

i've been realizing that because a big “bad thing” happened to me at year’s end, i run the risk of having it overshadow what has been such a beautiful year in many ways.  i don’t want that to happen.  i hate that just getting back to the way things were btf (before the flood)  has pretty much become a full-time job.  if i don’t actively carve out time for interacting, reflection, exercise, etc. it’s really easy to let all this restoration stuff become all-encompassing. 

so.... i want to stop right here and reflect a bit on how my word-of-the-year “justbe” has had an impact on my life these past 12 months... 

mostly it’s an awareness thing.  by making it my word of the year, an awareness has sort of washed over me reminding me that i don’t need to be doing something all the time.  it’s new for me.  i’ve been a pretty fast-paced multi-tasker at times and this is a whole new arena.  this doing nothing.  it’s a good arena.  i have a taste of it and i’m likin it.  i try to incorporate the doing nothingness into my life at least a little bit every day and i am reaping the rewards.  consciousness.  acceptance.  insight. creative inspiration.

i'm so happy that i chose this as my word.  i find that i’m better able to stop the thought-spiral when things go off in a negative direction and pull back to the present moment.  this is, of course, a work in progress.  but with practice, improvements are being made.

it’s been such a fabulous year in so many ways.  the connections, the growth, the travel.   i have seen so many wonderful places where “justbe” was almost a natural response.  having set this awareness in place beforehand, however, only enhanced the experience. 

when the flood happened, it was almost as if the universe was saying, “let's step things up a notch.  now try this on for size.  see how your “justbe-ing” stays with you now”.   i do think it had an impact.  progress is being made.

so now that the year is over, should i forget about justbe-ing and move to something else??  absolutely not!  i plan to incorporate my new insights into the future, whatever it may hold.  i do have an idea for a new word, which i will share soon.   

and to all of you, my lovely readers.... i am beyond thrilled that you have joined me on this journey.  you have no idea.  you have become such an important part of my life!!  cheers to 2011 and may it be a magical year for all of us!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Big Reveal

some of you may remember that i was working on typing up my mom’s autobiography for the last couple of years (i’m not a very speedy typist!)  it was slow going at first, but as i approached the finish line, i became not only motivated to finish, but intrigued by the story.

on my last trip to michigan, we were able to dig up a bunch of old photos and i scanned about 100 of them to include in the book.  none of my family members knew how far along i was and the plan was to finish the book and get it published before christmas.  

i downloaded the software from blurb and spent quite a bit of time laying out each page so that the wording and pictures would match.  i added chapters, a table of contents, a preface in my own words, an afterward, appendices with some genealogical information and extra pictures.

finally i uploaded everything and ordered a hard cover copy for myself with a dust jacket.  i was thrilled when i received the book.  it’s really beautiful!  i did make a few final changes and then ordered copies for my siblings, nieces and nephews and sent them off  without a word to arrive before christmas.

i love that i was able to get it done and sent off without anyone knowing about it!  as you can imagine, the recipients were surprised and thrilled with their gifts.  my mom has been gone for over 13 years, but we now have a little piece of her that will live on and on.  i  learned sooo much in this process and my heart is so happy that she took the time to write out her story.   i know that she is smiling too!!