Sunday, March 25, 2018

Creative Wellness

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

To Come Forth Gradually into Being

Although I’m truly content with my life, I never want to stop moving forward as a person.  Reaching higher, aiming farther.  I never want to become stagnant.  I’ve always been goal-oriented.  Pretty sure it’s a personality trait that is with me to stay.  So I like setting goals and I love crossing them off so I can make new ones!

I’ve settled on EVOLVE for my word of the year.

“To come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution”.  

Now that I’ve become a health coach, this is not going to radically change my life.  I’m not looking for a full-time career.  I do, however, want to EVOLVE into that role gradually.  In a way that feels comfortable.  In a way that integrates my new knowledge into what I was already doing.  And in a way that moves me toward becoming a healer.   I will set small-step goals and work from there. 

Where it’s going?  I think that is the beauty of EVOLUTION.  One never knows for sure!  And since one of my words last year was MYSTERY, I can be perfectly OK with that.

The other word that I can’t seem to let go of is PAUSE.  Instead of word-of-the-year, this will become a practice that will help me EVOLVE.  PAUSE to find the magic.  PAUSE to check intention.  PAUSE  before reacting.  So many applications!  This is something I have already been cultivating, but here is a chance to make it official and expand the practice in new directions.

So there you have it!  It’s a start.  Now I need to explore these concepts in writing and find some daily practices that can help to implement them.  I’m excited!  Particularly because I haven’t been motivated to write a blog post in a very long time... and now here I am.  Can’t help but think this may be a step in the EVOLUTION!   No promises - ha ha!