Monday, May 28, 2012


yes, friends, i am licking my wounds this morning and that’s the word that came to mind.  how quickly i seem to have forgotten my recent successes and fallen headfirst into the “poor me” trap.  after starting out last weekend at the barn sale with some quick sales, this weekend proved to be hugely disappointing.

 here’s the pathetic story that the “poor me” side of myself indulges in (if you don’t really want to hear this, i understand – you can exit right now and i promise i won’t be offended….):  my work is not interesting to people…. it’s not unique after all….it doesn’t look like “serious art”….  i may as well be invisible the way folks pass by my table with barely a polite glance, hurrying to get to the stuff they are really interested in and chatting up a storm (not to mention taking out their wallets) with the other vendors.… there is really no point in my being here…. what a waste of time…. and to think that i spent over $60 just in gas to come up here for 3 days….i’ll never create anything that anyone actually likes…. why do i even bother??

 ok, that felt kind of good to put in writing, but, as always… always… there is another side to the story.  so the more rational part of my mind says: well, there weren’t really a lot of people there as these events go.  and it was mostly an “antiques” venue and that’s what people were looking for.  also, i am not a “local” there on the mountain, so i wasn’t engaged in the “oh, how are you doing and what have you been up to” scenarios.  

 i did meet a lot of very nice people and was able to sneak away when things were slow and do some super fun photo-shoots of the old stuff that is everywhere at the resort.  oh, and i did sell 4 total pieces in the 3 days.  the fact that it was 3 the first day (last week), 1 the next and 0 the last day is what i left with and what caused me to fall into this slump.

so just for today i am allowing myself a little bit of whining and wallowing.  but i did find that i was eager to get back to my routine practices….. walking, listening to the birds, reading poetry, writing, meditating, being fully present to the moment  and i’m hoping to do some art journaling today.

AND… lets’ not forget practicing gratitude…especially today for those who have served on our behalf.  it’s humbling and makes my little story seem very, very frivolous indeed.

have a happy holiday and isn't this just the coolest place ever??

Friday, May 25, 2012

Snippets of Joy

i have been reading this book (a little at a time…) and thought i would use my recent trip to san onofre beach to share some little poetry snippets with you.  yes, it’s my second trip there in less than a week – can you tell i love this place??  i have a pass to get in which is not valid from memorial day through labor day, so it was my last chance!

Have a joyful weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bailey's Barn Sale

inside of the dance hall barn

i have known about bailey’s palomar resort for a while but never had the pleasure of visiting until i started having my retreats up on palomar mountain.  baileys is a historic, family-run resort on 60 acres of beautiful mountain land and it’s just a short walk away from the upper meadow lodge where the retreats are held.

hiking Bailey's in November

Bailey House

outside of the barn/store

so much cool OLD stuff!!

 at the november retreat i met the lovely terri bailey, who married into the bailey family and now pretty much runs the whole shebang, along with her husband, brad, and some other family members.

entrance to the barn

 so that’s how i found out about the annual bailey’s barn sale.  my new little mixed media art pieces have been looking for a way to go public and this sounded like just the thing!  a big old dance hall barn, oozing with history and stories and now filled with antiques, memorabilia, art and fragrant homemade soap!

the sale.... my stuff is in the foreground

lots of antiques

it was a fabulous day – sunshine, nice people, tons of interesting old things (and rusty things… my favorite!!) a little down-home music, and the coolest part for me…. SALES!  it wasn’t a huge crowd, but even so, i sold 3 of my new pieces!!

Live Music
One of my sales.... it's the Bailey House & was snatched up by Brad Bailey!

this is currently working its way into a new mixed media piece.....

rusted bulldozer

 the fun’s not over yet…. i’ll be back for another round at the sale this coming weekend!
if you're in the area.... come on by!!

wisteria in bloom!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Digging Deep

i want to dig deep...

write from the heart
use words that leap forth
and cling like magnets

oozing with metaphor
and drunk with mystery

words that can
envelop your pain
incite your passion
inspire your muse…

words that stem from
our collective soul

then splay out like tendrils
and touch
the tender places

that's what i want to do

 (all photos taken 5/17/12 at san onofre state beach)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Heart Macro

i decided to join lori@studio waterstone in the i heart macro project because, well.... i do heart macro!!

and if you truly open your eyes..... isn't it just totally amazing what you can see?? (these were taken in my driveway!)

                                                   studio waterstone