Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Have a Dream....

yes i do.  it started out as a tiny little seed and it seems to be growing.  you see, i have witnessed and experienced firsthand the power that art and journaling and creative expression in general can have in women’s lives (and i’m guessing if you are reading this that you have too!)  power to heal.  power to inspire.  power to bolster self-esteem and enable women to do amazing things.  

 i’m drawn to wanting to harness a little of this power and put it to work where it is needed most.  not in the lives of women who have every advantage already, but in the lives of those who don’t.  those who are hurting.  those who are struggling.  those who are in crisis.

these women need to tell their stories.  they need to document their lives in a way that feels meaningful.  they need to write.  to paint.  to draw.  to clarify their feelings and have a record of their journeys.  i’m convinced that doing so could be life-changing.

 my dream is to find as many women like this as possible and to get art/journaling materials in their hands.  i want the journals to be very special.  lovely books with lined and unlined pages, filled with images, words and quotes that can calm and uplift the spirit (i have started working on this!)  a small stash of art supplies.  and a stack of optional specific prompts to get them started.  maybe even a way for them to connect and/or share their work.

i’m pretty passionate about this idea…. but i know i cannot do it alone.  MANY details are yet to be determined.  so i wanted to throw it out there and gather as much input, info, ideas, suggestions etc. etc. as possible.  please feel free to chime in - the more feedback the better!!  i believe in the power of this community and i know that together we can pretty much move mountains...

  you are awesome and i THANK YOU!!

p.s. i forgot to tell you what the project is called: 
INSIDE OUT (discovering what's INSIDE and bringing it OUT)


  1. love the idea Patty...will it be one journal that's passed around? Or individual journals?

  2. Thanks, Kathryn. Individual journals that the women can keep and call their own.

  3. this is a wonderful project, amazing!

  4. Patty, this is truly a lovely idea! Keep us all posted as to your adventure.

  5. I love this idea, Patty, and will help you if I can...let me know what you think I could contribute...jane

  6. I don't know if I have any feedback, but I just wanted to say YAY for your idea! I will cheer you on and help where I can!

  7. I 100% love your idea, although I am not quite sure that I understood it completely. Are you planning to make empty journals that they will write and create in or is there already something in the journal? Are these handmade journals or, for example, altered composition books? How/where will you find these women? Please keep us posted and let us know if/what we could contribute (if you want).

  8. what an excellent idea!!! a venture and adventure in the making!?
    can't wait to read more details, in the meantime, i'm sending lots of love over.

  9. great idea! I would love to have a personal journal with a page for each month of the year so I can look back on a year in my life written out in beautiful art pages. Ok so now I am inspired - I will start one for January! :-) Thanks Patty! My word for this year is CREATE! So I will add this to my list - also would be wonderful to share with my daughter! Cant wait to see more info from you on this!

  10. the concept and idea behind this project. I wish I had 'advice' to offer...but that I'd be more than thrilled to be a part!

  11. patty-I totally totally LOVE this idea!! I 100% agree!! Let me know what you decide to do...I have art supplies I can contribute. xxx


    i believe so much in journaling and the healing it can bring!

    the name ... inside out ... SO good!!!!

    just holler if i can help in any way!

    whoo hoooooooooooo


  13. just wanting to share my 2 cents of this project. i've read through the page's contents. would it be possible to hold a gathering to teach and share?

    community and collaboration is the way to go. go local. start from where you are. it would be even nicer if you could invite an artist to share, inspire and empower these women.

    this project needs women power, it would be nice to gather a few kindred souls who have the same passion to do this together.

    all the best and i look forward read more on "inside out".


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