Monday, September 30, 2013

Sometimes I Feel Sorry...

sometimes i feel sorry for people who don’t get off on the way a feather sticks in the sand just so…

or the way the last rays of sun peek out from under the clouds and light up everything in their path…

or the way, after the sun goes down, the light is just so delicate it makes me want to weep…

or the way the closely-inspected flower shares its hidden shape secrets…

 or the way the tiny legs of the ladybug cling to a blade of beach grass...

 i know… everyone has their own means of enlightenment and joy.  i’m just glad mine are so easily obtained. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best of all Worlds

nature. art. family. friends.  you have to admit – these are some of the finest elements of life here on planet earth.  what if you could mix them in a perfect combination?  what would that look like?

Brother Bob photographing "Silkwaves on the Grand" at ArtPrize

Downtown Grand Rapids

 well, likely it would look like the week i just returned from in michigan.  because all those things were there, in just the right doses.  it took a fair amount of planning… but the end result was so worth the effort.

 lake michigan is a place that draws me in.  it’s vast and constantly changing.  it’s powerful and serene all at the same time.  the sunsets are a spiritual experience.  to be staying there, just 82 steps (!) above the lake and the beach…. well, it's hard to describe what it’s like. 

and the art.  i’ve shared about artprize  2 other times here and here.  i don’t know of another event like it.  the energy and excitement generated by all this art (1,524 pieces -most of them, BIG) in one place is so amazing.  i am hooked and hope i can continue to visit at this time of year.  in addition, i brought my own little art supplies and had fun with that!

Nieces & Nephews

Fun on the Beach

then there’s family and friends.  there are a lot of them.  it’s hard to schedule around everyone’s busy lives and see them, but i did pretty well!  ( i think it helps to have a cottage on the lake to invite people to).  i saw most of the nieces and nephews and their kiddos, who are all growing up so fast!  sweet times. 


we had our (somewhat) annual sisters sleep-over at the lake. and  i was able to attend a classmates get-together and spend time reminiscing with some high school pals. 

Playing tourist at Windmill Island in Holland

there is also the element of history and “pieces of my younger self” which are very prevalent in this area, and brought to the forefront as my sister pulls out old photo albums,  newspaper clippings, etc. it adds another element to the experience...

so now already it’s back to bills, medical issues, traffic school (ugh!), laundry, blah, blah, blah.  life goes on.  and i’m ever so GRATEFUL for each experience and connection. 

still hoping to get this retreat off the ground!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Personal Manifesto

i’ve been working on this for a while….. so here we go, as of today, knowing that likely i will keep tweaking and adjusting….

stay close to nature
be awake and amazed
live in gratitude (ALWAYS)
act with compassion
need little
keep learning
create every day
share what you have and what you have learned

obviously, there are many others i could have included – this is my selection for today – not perfect, not complete, but a start....

 i am especially working with #3.  i have been dealing with several issues that, though not earth-shaking, have been quite draining of time, money and energy…. so i decided to practice RADICAL GRATITUDE.  basically, approaching everything with gratitude, no matter what, and working out the details of that as i go along….. i’ll let you know how it goes! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Learning What I am Teaching

it works you know.  the best way to learn something is to teach it to others.  after teaching 3 sessions of contemplativephotography, i am feeling such a shift in my own photography practice.

 i’m feeling less pressure, connecting with the environment, trying new things and shooting what i’m drawn to.

i’m feeling more present, less attached to the outcome, seeing more deeply and noticing things.  when i look back at my photos of just a few years ago…. well, there is no comparison.

in addition, i have learned so much from my students.  i always love that about teaching.  it is totally a 2 way street!

best of all, enjoying it more than ever.  yup – it’s all sinking in….