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Inside Out
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“Discovering what’s inside and bringing it out”

I am now a grant recipient and started working today with the women who will be my students for the next year or as long as they remain in the program.  This is an amazing dream come true for me.... and it's all documented right here!!  I know it will be a huge learning experience for me and I will be receiving at least as much as I am able to give to the girls.

Update 8/1/12
I was notified last week (early!) that I am now a finalist in the grant process.  It will still be a few months before I know for sure.... but it's looking good!!
Update 6/4/12
I am  putting together journal kits and will be presenting them as well as doing a workshop with a group of teen girls in a shelter next week.  Yea!!!

Update 4/4/12

I have submitted a grant application which, if approved, will reimburse me to teach art, journaling and creative expression on a regular basis to a group of homeless/transitional women veterans for one year.  I will have to wait until August 2012 before I know anything at all, but still….. excited!!

In the meantime…. I am going to go ahead and put together some small kits using the “Dreamcatcher” journal that I published and a sampling of art supplies.  I am currently looking for some worthy recipients to donate them to!

The Vision 1/26/12 
Details  - Original Post

·         To get small journal kits into the hands of women experiencing disadvantage or struggle, allowing them to document their stories and express themselves creatively. 

·         These could be women in shelters, prison, support groups, caregiver situations, etc.

The Kits

·         A small (decorated?) tote or box to include:

·         A journal with lined and unlined pages, featuring encouraging images, words and quotes. (I have published a sample journal on Blurb called “Dreamcatcher”  and here it is!

·         A small watercolor set, pens, markers

·         A set of instructions and optional, specific writing prompts to stimulate creative expression.  These could take the form of a small deck of cards. (I have a sample deck with an intro and 6 prompts.)


·         The women could share their stories/journals in some way

·         Various artists could contribute sample journal pages, art or words of encouragement.

·         Artists from around the world could contribute handmade journals


·         How to fund the kits?
·         Will it be possible to “teach” (hands-on or video) use of the kits?
·         Where to distribute the kits?
·         Could the kits to sold to non-profits?
·         Could a grant be involved?