Wednesday, August 31, 2011


it was an ordinary creek
nothing spectacular about it

 a frog splashing
the water rippling
the sun dancing
a butterfly fluttering
these are the subjects that capture my attention….

 i get lost in the shimmering reflections
they transport me into a different realm
so close, but yet so far from this one

 when i opened my senses
the ordinary creek became a WONDERLAND
filled with magical images…..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Goes Around....

as a kid, i was a collector.  mostly stuff from the natural world.  i had an extensive rock collection, a shell collection, a leaf collection and the best bug collection that mr. fryling, my 7th grade science teacher, had ever seen!  i spent the whole summer working on it and since my dad owned an air-conditioning and heating business, he had his guys make me a beautiful sheet metal display box with a see-through lid to store my bugs in.  (oh, for a pic of that lovely hand-crafted box with the meticulously-labeled insects stuck into styrofoam with pins!)

Love using these in collage!

 i also collected stamps, coins and napkins.   while most of the other stuff has gone by the wayside, i still have the stamps and coins today.

saving them for a rainy day!

as an adult however, and especially as i get older, i am finding that, for the most part, instead of collecting stuff, i am driven to get rid of possessions.  i seem to have a strong drive to de-clutter and keep things very, very simple.  it comes partly from moving a lot – every time i have to do it, i swear i am going to “travel light” and i have been doing my best.

 in spite of that, look at the treasures i carried back with me from oregon!  while in general i am unloading extra possessions, i still seem to want to collect things that i am drawn to from nature.  i think my new-found involvement with mixed media art and art journaling has been a catalyst of sorts.  to bring me back to my childhood roots of collecting.  can’t help but think what goes around…..comes around!

are you a collector or a de-clutterer??

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Edge

the coast = the edge

the edge of reality....

so when the tide is out
the edge is stretched....

pushed beyond its usual limits
and another world emerges…..

i love edges!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


the intense struggle to get here
the driving
the sitting
the waiting
the reading
the long and not-so-winding road
(known as I-5)
the brain in full gear….

it all falls away
dissipates like the mist
over the dunes
as the sun pokes up
and reaches out
to the shore

 stretching its long
and dainty fingers
and touching
the reeds
the mosses

a leaf
a branch
the rocks
and the sand….

the sigh
is long and submissive

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In My Path

it was an ordinary morning
i stepped into the driveway
loaded down with a sizeable stack
of freshly laundered clothes
bound for the motorhome

 and then this…….
was in my path

down went the laundry
out came the camera

i was in another world
a world of delicate droplets
and ethereal intricacies
i was drinking
from the spring of amazement

and thinking how
just a few short years ago
i would have passed by
with barely a glance….

what will be in your path today??
keep (all!) your senses open
and be AMAZED