Mixed Media Art

Here are some of my recent creations:

"Everything" 16 x 20 (sold)

"What the Heart Knows" 11 x 11

"Present Moment" 11 x 11

"Light of Being" 16 x 20

"Free"  11 x 14

"Sailing my Ship" 11 x 11

Minis 4 x 4

"Morning" 16 x 20

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  1. Dear Patty

    I'm very sorry to have taken this long to acknowledge receipt of
    your lovely postcard.

    Yes, I received 'Seek Beauty Every Day'. I loved it. I've also visited your site. Tried to post a comment but I don't think it went through.

    We have much in common. Art is healing. Is vital. On spirituality, I feel that to a large extent, orthodox Christianity (indeed, all the 'Abrahamic' religions) seem largely to have deleted spirituality as 'self-indulgent'!

    I enjoyed my visit with you. I'd like to post your card and mention you on my blog: http://annisik51.wordpress.com

    Would that be okay?

    Pleased to 'meet' you.

    Ann Isik


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