Friday, September 24, 2010


i memorize the color of the sea

wrap it up and store it

in a subterranean treasure chest

safe and secure

ready for the day

that i need its cobalt elixir

to bleed into the dull and formless gray

of ordinariness.

wafting up from the depths

the soft succulent breezes

kiss my face with sweetness

and energize my very essence

reminding me of now and then

and here and there

and the oneness of it all

have you ever been introduced

to the power of the pacific?


  1. Oh Patty, those pictures are gorgeous. I do love the Pacific and I feel blessed to live so close to it. This ocean has so many different moods, I never get tired of it.

  2. The Pacific I think, lends itself to having a love affair. It invites you, entices you and finally at sun set, or sun rise, or on the tip of a big wave, or the sound of the surf, you surrender. In love forever. Gorgeous photos Patty. And your words ... sigh!

  3. I love the pacific ocean. At the top of NZ we can see it merge with the Tasman - it is quite breathtaking.

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Such stunning colors. Beautiful!!!

  5. Dear Patty -what stunning pictures! Oh!! You live by the sea??!! Lucky lucky you! I am also touched by your poetry dearest have tons of journals...keep on writing in them and maybe get them published one day:)

  6. O my... what beautiful pictures!!!and beautiful words!! thanks for visiting me... yes Lucy is the most wonderful little dog, we adopted her from the Aspca and she is more than grateful and such a cuddly and loving little thing!! She definitely is the baby of the house everyone spoils her rotten! but she deserves it! LOL!


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