Saturday, October 22, 2011


it’s been a trying week.  it happens.  have you noticed how when things go awry they don’t seem to do so in isolation – they tend to clump up as if to bring all their friends along for the ride.  i’m not going to bore you with the details and i don’t want to dwell on it...  so  instead, i’m going to REDIRECT and share the highlight of the little birthday trip to big bear lake last week.  yup - we rented a boat.

howling - not sure what to make of this...

 the live version

finally settled down

blue water
hardly any boat traffic
calm waters
miles of shoreline to explore
really cool old cabins on the rocks
fall color
lotsa ducks
i feel better already…

hope your week has been better than mine!!


  1. I would have loved that place for a birthday trip. Your photos are wonderful.
    I hope the bad things you wrote about dissolves and that the coming week will be much better for you.
    Big hugs

  2. Nature is such a wonderful tonic :). Glad you're feeling better. Here's to a better week ahead.
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  3. Dear Muffy! Isn't she just lovely. So sorry you have had one of those weeks, and yes, I agree, they do seem to come with a crowd of their amigos! Your trip looks lovely ... such beauty in your surroundings, it must have given you some peace. Take care of yourself my dear Patty. hugs, Donna

  4. That looks like a beautiful birthday trip. I especially love the "tip me" boulder! I hope the coming week will be better for you than the last - and I agree about the clump! I've noticed that as well and I wonder why that is so.

  5. Oh!! Patty-that looks like a beeeeyoootiful birthday trip!!! But I know how things can get a bit off kilter sometimes!!! ah have the right idea..water, barefeet, sunsets, doggie + hubby:) It's how we remember things that count...not necesarily the way they actually happened!!!
    P.S. thank you so much for your very kind and thoughtful comments re. my last post. I was a little nervous putting it all out there...but life is short !!!!

  6. So glad you found peace after a rough time. The lake is gorgeous as are your photos. You deserve a happy birthday and a happy everyday! <3

  7. Good to stay focused on the 'good' parts. Looks like it was a fantastic weekend!!!


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