Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Morning

yes, it’s monday morning and here’s what i want to say.  i’m oh so grateful.  my heart is happy.  it’s been 3 and a half years (!) since i lost my teaching position and that was a messy and difficult transition.  but here i am now looking out my window on monday morning trying to choose which of the projects i am absolutely passionate about to focus on today.

i didn’t have to get up and rush out of the house into traffic with a gazillion responsibilities and anxieties marching around in my brain.  no, i’m here at my desk.  i don’t have to go anywhere today.  my projects and my studio await…. and i am filled with joy.

i do not take this lightly or take it for granted.  i realize every. single. day. how fortunate i am.  i realize that things will not always be just this way but, for now, in this moment, i appreciate my life and everything in it that has led to this moment....

another reason i’m feeling particularly grateful today is that my creativity unleashed workshop has been completed and (after a very shaky start) totally exceeded my expectations....  details are here.  thank you for stopping by!!

(pics from oregon)


  1. gratitude is an amazing generating really does change your life!! how wonderful that each day you feel it!!

    and congrats on your workshop...i love it when things turn out better than you expected them to be!!!

  2. Even if i love my job very much most of the time I must admit that I get a little bit jealous....

  3. it so good to hear someone say they are twell and truly happy, it looks to me like you made the very best decision, have a wonderful Monday doing what is joy for you!

  4. You mirror what I so often feel - gratitude, happiness... that I can just go in my studio and start on working what I love.
    Your photos are so beautiful, Patty. Very fitting for this post.

  5. Beautiful photos to accompany your beautiful thoughts. I remember when you first began this blog - speaking about the huge upsets in your life. Strange how sometimes life has a way of giving us what we need even if we think it's not what we want at the time. I'm happy for you dear Patty. Joy and gratefulness -- doesn't get much better than that. hugs, Donna


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