Friday, September 30, 2011

87 Steps

87 steps
(that’s how far it was from my cottage to the beach)

i sit down
look out across the lake
what was a dark veil
breaks open
and the light sneaks out
i’m catapulted
in a raw crescendo
to the edge of being
and the brink of tears

 for life
for time
for humanity
for those who have walked before
and for those who have yet to walk
for this moment.....

 my soul feels full
ready to burst forth
into a cascade
of iridescent bubbles
or a blast of fireworks
words and emotions pour forth
bubbling up and
foaming over the brim

did you ever have an experience that feels defining?  like in a particular moment your life has been leading up to this point?  and like forever afterward things will refer back to that point?  and like in that moment everything is there.  nothing is lacking.  and your heart feels physically full.  like it might just burst.  and like you want to keep repeating that moment, but you know it’s impossible.  and then your heart aches because it’s beautiful and terrible all at the same time.  probably not doing justice here with words because there are none.  but just hoping maybe you can relate on some level....


  1. absolutely breathtaking, heart stopping and magical, both words and photos. Thank you :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. yes...i've definitely had those defining moments in my life and have felt beautiful sorrow...where nothing is quite the same again.

    your words and photos are just gorgeous!!

  3. Your words flow together like an exquisite string of pearls. My heart flutters like a baby bird on the first flight as I try to hold on to the moment you describe. I too have experienced these moments, precious and rare. They pass, but we are still able to gasp at the memory. Absolutely beautiful, Patty. You have described pure soul food. It fills us up and empties us in the same instant. I am so honoured to be able to share part of your world. xxDonna

  4. Oh Patty, how tremendously beautiful, both your photos and your words. Your photos actually took my breath away. I love, Love, LOVE the third one from the bottom - stunning!

  5. beautiful, just amazing,, the words and the photos,,

  6. Thanks so much for your comments, my friends! You never know when you share something like this... it was just one of those rare unexpected times and it means the world to me that you get it!!

  7. Oh Patty this is so beautiful the photos and the words even if I can't say that I have experienced the moment you describe, but I hope I will some day.

  8. Patty your words and photos are absolutely magical and indeed soul food. They moved me to tears and joy and anticipation and hope. you are truly an inspiration and a spirit guide.
    Thank you so much for your generosity.

  9. I can't say that I have experienced the defining moment as such, because I tend to recognize them only after the fact. But I do know that physically full feeling .. Magical words and photos, I am especially loving the golden light one. Wow.

  10. I can see why these images would have such a heart connection for you Patty. Nice to connect with you again, it's been a while! I hope life is treating you well. :)


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