Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Pace of Time

we fret and complain
about the pace of time…
it’s going too fast
where did it go?
i can’t believe i’m already ___

the fact is
nothing has changed
time “moves” exactly as it always has
one second, one minute, one hour at a time
marching relentlessly forward
like a grinning energizer bunny
with no reverse button

 we have access to just as many nows
as we ever have
(or anyone has had)
an endless parade of them
as long as we are drawing breath
there for the taking
if we choose to do so

  it’s the busyness
that obscures the nows
like a giant whiteout pen
masks their potential loveliness and joy
and catapults them into oblivion
leaving us wondering
wherever did they go??

you may have wondered
(and i do too)
is it worth it?

 (thankfully, the salton sea has a magical way of slowing it all down... 
take a moment and soak it in)


  1. it's hard to slow down or even take a breath at times...but a necessary thing to do...busyness will always be there!!

    your photographs are gorgeous as always...i could just meditate on them, they're so peaceful!!

  2. The Salton Sea is an incredible place. It must be so quiet - away from human sounds and filled with the sounds of nature. I try to imagine. I've been thinking about all your beautiful photographs and words - seems a shame not to share them further. Have you ever thought about a book? Self publishing is so easy now. Just planting seeds. :o) google blub.com. Perhaps you have been there. hugs, Donna

  3. What an amazingly beautiful place! Glad that you get to slow down and relax. I seem to be in "twilight zone" these days, i dont even know how to explain. Have a good week!

  4. The older I get the faster time passes by. Perhaps it's also because I treasure time so much more? Or because I fill my time with more "things" I actually truly enjoy?
    Stunning photos, Patty - one day I have to convince my husband to go and stay there for a few days.


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