Thursday, February 21, 2013


it’s hard for me to receive....

 to put myself in that vulnerable place
of emptiness

 to truly trust in these moments of quiet
that i will be gifted

 that words, insights and ideas will be presented to me
that it’s out of my control

 that i only need to show up
and practice silence

that the rest is out of my hands


  1. gorgeous photographs!! and I think everyone has a hard time with receiving...your words are SO true...beautifully said!!!

  2. beautiful!I think I know just how you feel,

  3. Dearest Patty-Oh!! I think so many of us can relate to this. How difficult is it to ask for what we want and actually receive it??? Maybe part of it is the fear that we are undeserving??? Thanks for sharing this with us as well as your beautiful pics:)

  4. Beautiful photographs, Patty. I think receiving is one of the most difficult things to "learn" because we are brought up to 'give'. We have to teach ourselves to receive, not only from the Universe, but also from people. I was told once, "Please receive this gift graciously, Donna. Otherwise you have taken my pleasure of giving away." That taught me a lot and I've been practicing ever since. Beautiful Post Patty. received your card. Thanks soooo much! xoDonna

  5. Lovely, photos and words. Thank you.

  6. well you have definitely received a gift...the gift of photography. Glorious photos. I can feel the calmness in the air and am breathing it in. It reminds me of a place that I visited a few years ago.

  7. There's so much of atmospheric feelings in your photos.

  8. What stunningly beautiful scenes!! And - yes - there's so much to simply receiving..:-)


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