Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking Beyond Chaos

are you organized??  i am by nature a pretty organized person.  i like things in their places.  i like lists.  i like to know where everything is.  i like to know what’s happening next.  basically, it makes me feel good to be on top of things.

 a kitchen remodel (partial, mind you!) wreaks havoc with all of that.  i knew that going in, but opted to do it anyway, so no one to blame but myself!  we thought about just leaving while all of this was going on, but that wouldn’t have worked at all.  every day issues come up.  decisions have to be made.  work needs to be examined.  work needs to be redone.  supplies have to be purchased.  it’s almost like a job.  so, no, not a good time to leave home! 

 i do find myself getting out of the house more than i normally would, however.  just to escape the noise and dust and constant presence of someone in my kitchen, limiting access to my familiar routines.  consequently, i feel totally removed from and behind on all the projects and creative work i am involved in.  not a happy situation for the inner organizer! 

 and all the mundane things that we do in a day take at least twice as long.  because nothing is where it should be.  and everything is a mess.  it’s a little déjà vu to when we had our flood 2 years ago.

so…. it’s a good time to test myself.  see if i can stay focused on my intentions, stay calm and present.  it’s a minor blip in the scheme of things, a temporary situation, and as everyone keeps reminding me… it will all be worth it in the end!

OK, here are some pics (but i so much prefer posting pics of the ocean....)

oops - didn't know I had to remove everything first!


 there's my light at the end of the tunnel....


  1. remodeling is never fun or easy...but definitely stressful!! good luck!!

  2. I get what you are saying, but I can't say I can put myself in your shoes and actually understand. It will soon be over and you will have a beautiful new kitchen. I could remodel and build forever. Honestly, if I had the money I would be building another house here. So I wonder what the difference in people is -- always interesting isn't it! Hope you get through the chaos and into the beauty soon, Patty. hugd, Donna

  3. Yup - home renovations and remodels can test our integrity and patience - for sure. Keep focused on that light at the'll be great when it's all done and behind you!

  4. This reminds me to back when we first bought our home and there was quite some work to be done. We had hoped that all of that would be done when we finally moved in, but that didn't happen. Somehow we still have chaos in some areas, and it bugs me to no end. That's the moment when I tell myself that Rome wasn't built in a day and one day it will all be good. I just hope that day comes soon!

  5. Oh dear Patty! This reminds me of when we first met and you had your flood! Ugh!! I feel your pain. It will be over soon and totally worth it (as you know)'s just matter of getting through the mess! Can't wait to see the "AFTER" pics:) xxx


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