Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moments of Pure Presence

moments of pure presence
these are the ones that matter

the ones that stick
the ones that bring us fully alive

 the ones that bring us back
the ones that beam through the dailyness

the ones that deliver joy
and connect us with the divine

thanks so much for visiting.....
 i hope you are enjoying some moments of presence in your little piece of paradise!


  1. Beautiful Patty! Very calming.

  2. Oh my! The white flowers against the blue sky -- breath taking! So beautiful. Cameras and their operators really do create a little bit of magic that can stay around forever! Amazing. xoDonna

  3. I think that these are the most beautiful interesting flowers and you captured them perfectly with their parchment white and the Jacaranda and beautiful blue sky! Glorious!

  4. Oh, so beautiful! I can imagine some kind of white fabrics for a skirt like the flowers that you have captured.


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