Monday, July 1, 2013

New Life

2 weeks ago, i was hanging out in the hot tub (before the heat wave hit!), looked up and noticed a nest in the coral tree.  cool.  upon closer inspection, i noticed that there was a bird in it!  double cool!  a lovely dove, holding perfectly still and waiting, no doubt, for me to leave.

every time i glanced up there, mama bird was perfectly still….. never left the nest that i could see and never had any visitors.  no idea how long she had been there.  obviously i need to learn a few things about how this all works! 

we did find out that dove eggs take about 15 days to hatch and that there will only be 1 or 2.  day after day…. i felt kinda sorry for her being stuck there, but she was the dutiful mom, just doing what nature intended. she puts up with me pointing my camera at her and hopefully realizes that i mean her no harm...

pretty sure this is daddy bird, hovering close by

sure enough, a couple of days ago, we spotted  some new little wings in there…. it’s hard to see the details of what’s going on – don’t want to get too close and the nest is above our heads. (thank goodness for my telephoto lens!) 

finally, saturday, i could fully see 2 new little birdies!!  (on stu’s birthday no less!!) um, excited is probably an understatement.  to say i’ve become a little obsessed may be an understatement too…. i just don’t think, in all my many years of life, that i’ve had the opportunity to witness this.  and i’m stunned and amazed and truly grateful. 

 i know one day soon i will look up there and they will be gone…. but maybe they will still hang around a little?  anyway, i’m sure gonna miss them! 


  1. I'd be excited too, as I've never witnessed baby birds in a nest before!! Your photos are just beautiful!!

  2. You've got some great shots, Patty. I too have morning doves. They mate for life, and so far have come back to my big tree in the courtyard 3 years in a row. They are such a joy to watch. I can't get good shots, they are too surrounded by leaves. they come to my back terrace every day now - they grow up so fast - just to have another little family. Hugs, Donna

  3. OMG Patty, I can understand your excitement!! I would feel exactly the same (remember the owls from two years ago?). Isn't it just wonderful to witness something like this? Priceless!

  4. How exciting! What an amazing thing to witness, I'm sure there's an underlying meaning to all this - new birth, on Stu's birthday... hmm... ;)
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos, the waiting (little birdies) to take these and to share... :D

  5. This is such an amazing post. I absolutely love birds! Thanks so much for the story and the beautiful photos!


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