Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stages of Flight

flying lessons are drawing to a close…

wait a minute… are they??

or are the lessons just beginning??

we are all in different stages of this flight

called the creative life….

some were already soaring pretty high

a little boost was all they needed

to say good-bye to gravity

burst the bounds of the atmosphere

now gliding effortlessly with no end in sight

others are moving up to join them

but their flight is taxing

there’s a lot of flapping going on

they soar up

then dip back down

it’s an ardous journey

still others are having trouble leaving the nest

they’ve taken a few cautious test flights

they’re hopeful….

but flying is a scary prospect after all

and then there are those

who haven’t yet left the ground

they look up and what do they see?

everyone else is way ahead

gliding, rising, soaring

and never seeming to touch the ground

but look…..

some of the highest flyers

are dipping back down

they’re coming all the way back

and they’re helping those

who haven’t yet mastered the art of flight

they’re guiding them

and showing them how it’s done

....little by little...

everyone eventually makes it off the ground

some higher than others

but it’s ok

everyone finds their own flight plan

it’s an ongoing work in progress

but it’s a beautiful sight!!


  1. Your words and images flow together seamlessly, like a beautifull beeswax candle forming it's own shapes and designs. So bewitchingly melded together. One without the other would not be the same. Thank you for the soul food, Patty. xx

  2. PS: Pelicanos! I adore Pelicanos. The brown ones, on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Make my heart sing.

  3. Beautiful post! I love your words... so fitting for us 'flyers'! :) I am glad you posted this on the FB page, it was nice to 'visit' you here! :)


  4. Lovely post - it is nice to think it is just the beginning!

  5. This is truely beautiful! I am so in love with your words! Thanks so much for sharing and you are so right it is just the beginning for all of us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  6. oh my friend Patty!!

    these words are soooooo fitting.
    so perfectly expressed
    so easy to understand
    so relatable

    thank you for sharing them
    in only the way you know how

    you have such a way with your images and the words you nestle amongst them.


  7. Oh Patty these words are so perfect. I love them. The images go along with them so well. You are incredible!!

    Thank you for this.


  8. delightful poem and beatifully illustrated. Fly high!

  9. Beautiful poem, Patty. I really enjoyed reading. Thank you xm

  10. Hi Patty, Just a lovely poem and the photos with it are just beautiful. Love the line.. "are they just beginning". Happy to connect with you from this e-course. Are you familiar with: She was doing creative retreats for women and has an inspiring blog. Love & blessings, xoxo Valerie

  11. I love this! It is so appropriate and beautiful! Thanks Patty!

  12. This is lovely.... beautiful words and photos. Thank you for posting :)

  13. Dear Patty-you are brilliant! I love this so much! Now I don't feel so bad about Flying Lessons being over. It has been an amazing experience. How did you find it? are so right, it has been unexpectedly life changing for us all. one of the best things that came out of it was us all meeting like this. I have to go back to our class sheet and start visiting more blog! Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words you leave on my blog Patty. they go a long way when things get overwhelming (at least once a day!) Big hugs xxx

  14. hi, came over from flying lessons and... oh My goodness , what beautiful pictures you've posted and beautiful words too! :D Patti

  15. awesome! what a tribute of flying.....

    the photos are just so perfect for all the touching words and wisdom you brought to us. you are right, everyone's flight looks different. an organic piece of life that keep evolving. thanks so much for this patty. blew me away!

    love, love you!!!

  16. This is a perfect post to start my saturday...I feel so good having had read this.The pictures and your words speak volumes to me...thank you

  17. Patty, this is all so awe inspiring and true especially for those of us who are looking at the world and our places in it. Trying to understand what, where and how to give, to be and to enjoy. The pictures and words are on point. Thanks for the lesson, P.

  18. I've got an award for you, Patty. Please come and read my last 2 postings and pick it up. xx


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