Friday, August 30, 2013


this post may surprise you.  if you been visiting for a while, you will notice that i rarely post “action shots”.  it’s not really my thing but i wanted to stretch myself a bit on this last trip, so i decided to try shooting some action that happens pretty much every day around here – bailey chasing her squeaky balls!

 the oregon beach was the perfect spot – cool, uncrowded and dog-friendly (sadly none of which are true in ca).  when we took beach hikes, stu would sneak a few balls into his pockets and reveal them at just the right time.  ready, set, GO! 

 it’s so fun to watch a dog that is totally engulfed in sheer bliss over such a simple thing….good lesson for us there, no doubt!  i ended up with quite a few duds, of course, but wanted to share some of my fav’s. 

 sadly, at this moment, bailey is limping and on meds and restriction. a little too rambunctious with the balls, no doubt!   hopefully just a minor sprain – time will tell. in the meantime, bailey boo - this one's for you.  may we all learn to love life as you do!!

in other news.... i am planning a fall retreat....


  1. wow...she takes her ball catching very seriously!!! those action shots are not did a great job of capturing her fun!!

  2. Patty---she looks so happy! These pictures just made me smile.

  3. Haha! so fun! Love them all! thanks for putting a smile on my face on this Wednesday afternoon, taking a little break from bookbinding.
    Hope Bailey recovers soon, hugs to Bailey. Fall retreat sounds awesome!

  4. It feels like I've been on a trip to Oregon thanks to your photos in your last post and with the all the action in this post I can almost see myself and my daughter who loves dogs running along the shore with Bailey.
    Hope he recovers!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I adore the one where we see Bailey's back, she's on one leg and her ears are flying - priceless!!


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