Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where to Begin??

it’s been a while, i know…. it’s not that i don’t have anything to share.  quite the opposite in fact.  more accurately, i don’t know where to begin.  whenever i visit a place that turns out to be a sort of photographic feast,  i get a little bit overwhelmed and even bogged down trying to sort through everything and come up with a way to share it.


the oregon coast speaks to me in a big way.  which is why we have spent something like 8 weeks in the last 3 years meandering and poking into all its little nooks and crannies.  amazing.  it’s hard to imagine a place that could be more beautiful.

So many great hikes

Noisy creatures!

This was one happy girl...

and for the most part, it’s pretty uncrowded.  this was the first time we visited in august, however.  since this is one of the most reliable months weather-wise and the kids were not yet back to school, campers were out in droves.  the biggest difficulty we encountered came in the form of full campgrounds.  since we don’t do reservations (it’s always worked out in the past!) it presented quite a challenge and we ended up in quite a few “less than ideal” spots.  just part of the adventure i guess

well, i have a lot more to share…. it will come in time.  i’m just trying to transition back into “real life” and frankly, having a bit of a hard time.  although i’m incredibly grateful for this experience and for safe travel once again, it seems the old creative demons went on vacation too, and are now all back to haunt me.  struggling somewhat, but i know it’s all part of the ebb and flow..  looking forward to catching up with all of you soon!

Sharing the sunset with the other campers...


  1. Such wonderful photographs Patty! And your narrative was excellent! It was so nice settling into your walkin' along with you as your story unfolded. Glad we've reconnected as I, too, have missed my creative friend. Sending you a big welcome back! xoTerri

  2. your photography just keeps getting more and more amazing...i feel like i am there with you in your journey!! i definitely have to get to Oregon!!!

  3. Patty these photographs are so beautiful. You make me want to just run back to Oregon. These photos are amazing and I have to agree with Kathryn, you get more amazing by the day. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. The Oregon Coast. What a privilege to be there - I miss those kinds of 'runs' we used to do. That is one special place on this earth. Your photos are wonderful as usual. Your puppy (why can I never remember her name) looks like she's been part of the family forever! So beautiful, Patty. Thanks! ... and thanks for visiting my blog. Always wonderful to see and read your comments. xoDonna

  5. Wonderful photos of this awesome coast. I can easily understand why you spent so much time there - it really is a place to fall in love with and come back all the time. We went in July two years ago, and we were happy that we always found a place (we do tent camping) - we also don't do reservations! Yes, that sometimes can be a bit adventurous, but it usually works out.
    Yes, it is difficult to decide where to begin. Well, you did start! And those creative juices will start to follow, in their own time. Creatively I went through such a drought over the summer, but I feel that now slowly my creative muse is making its appearance again. Still not very reliable, so I take whatever I get.


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