Monday, October 14, 2013

Finally Home!

i figured it out.  i have been traveling 5 weeks out of the last 10.  a little crazy. i have slept in 8 different beds in something like 17 different towns (not the best recipe for success for an insomniac!) and while i would not want to trade the experience of seeing all these people and amazing places…. there is also something to be said for the routine and stability of being at HOME.

because other than taking a whole lot of pictures, home is primarily where the creative stuff happens.  in spite of packing journals, art supplies and well-intentioned lesson plan books, not much of that actually happens on the road.  it’s mostly about planning, going places, seeing people and experiencing new things…. which is wonderful.  the good stuff of life. 

but i need a balance.  for me, the time to anticipate before, and process and reflect after, is just as important as the trip itself.  in this case, it all happened so fast that there wasn’t quite enough of that.  a little of a blur.  but it’s ok.  i’m home now and soaking it all in. 

i have to hit the ground running with all there is to do right now, but i have my moments and i’m starting to incorporate what i’ve seen and where i’ve been into the pot that fuels my creative output.  it’s all there….. ready for a big spoon to stir up and see what materializes….. it’s good to be back!!

(these pics were all taken during our 3-day family reunion extravaganza in minden and lake tahoe, nevada…. that was the first part of the latest trip…. more to follow….)


  1. boy, i do the same intentions tho!! i always take my creative tools, paper and journals and never do a thing with them!! don't know why i even bother any more!!! :/

  2. Oh My, I Can Wholeheartedly Relate To The Being "Home" Thing! Having Travelled So Much (being a military brat and all) It Just Feels Great To Me These Days Staying Put. But, I Certainly Still Enjoy Watching Someone Else Enjoy Their Adventures! Especially When They Share Awesome Photography The Way You Do...Such Beautiful Compositions! Patty, You Are Such A Dear And Talented Lady! Glad You're Safely Home! xoTerri

  3. Welcome home! looks like you had a wonderful time. Friends and family, the best! Looking forward to your photos!

  4. I had to laugh when I read about your intentions for the road - I do that, too, and the only thing that happens is taking pictures and writing in my journal. Oh wait, up in BC I actually painted a couple watercolors - and that was it. Like you, I love to be at home, because as you said, that's where the creativity happens. But the traveling inspires and feeds it, so we need both.


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