Monday, October 21, 2013

A Magical Place

here’s how it happened.  we took a hike to redwood gulch, right off highway 1, which ribbons through big sur.  stu was fighting a cold and after a quick perusal of the area, he and bailey retired back to the car, granting me permission to “take my time”.

ha – sweeter words were never spoken!  in the middle of a redwood gulch, with no other looky-loos present, ideal temperatures, sun filtering through the trees and time on my side?  this, my friends, is a recipe for bliss!


 and it didn’t’ take long for me to find the magical place…. i climbed up a wee bit higher than what had been advised in the hiking book and was well-rewarded for my efforts because there was a magical pool.

now i could try to describe the clarity of the water, the redwood needles floating in it and the dripping drops sending off ripples in all directions…. but i prefer showing to telling.

still breathing it in as i look back at these pics....


  1. Patty, these are extraordinary photos -such rich colors, so warm and lovely. I almost can smell the wonderful forest scent.

  2. Oh! Patty! What a magical pool. I feel like I am there. So glad you found it and shared it with us. I can almost picture tiny faeries hiding in the trees, delighting in your enjoyment of their special spot.

  3. these are awesome...what a magical place you found!!!

  4. Absolutely exquisite, Patty. I don't know how we can ever describe anything so beautiful and pure. Haven't been around for ages, but have posted a couple of times so come have a visit. I have blog candy. Missed you. hugs, Donna

  5. Wow! You make me want to quilt that pool of water. You are so inspirational.


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