Saturday, December 28, 2013

The InBetween

christmas, with all its glitz and glamor and excitement, has passed in a flash.  the paper has been torn and recycled, the tree is nearing its inevitable end and the lights don’t seem to shine with quite the same intensity as each day stacks up on top of the previous one.

 the new year, with its promise and possibility of things to come, is not here yet.  soon, yes… but in the meantime we are blessed with a whole week to navigate the transition. 

 so i am sitting here, in this in-between, and wondering.  about the ways i could have made better use of the precious time that was gifted to me this year.  ways i could have made wiser choices, shown more compassion or taken better advantage of opportunities.  these are fleeting thoughts though, because i am not about regret.  only so far as it can point me to a better future.

and i do feel very much in transition.  some of the pursuits i have been involved in have stopped or will be stopping soon. the events of the last couple of months have taken their toll and i’m not yet back to functioning with full capacity, creativity and confidence.  i still don’t have use of my studio (it’s complicated…)

i’m choosing to view this as an opportunity.  things have been slowly inching back to “normal” around here and, believe me, i have a new appreciation for life that is simply normal and ordinary.  the future is wide open.  i feel poised, on the brink of something, but don’t yet know what it is.  scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

i haven’t even been able to settle on a new “word of the year”.  while other years, an appropriate word pretty much landed on my outstretched wings and i took off with it, this year is different.  lots of uncertainty, lots of questions.

so i move forward…. beyond the in-between and into the unknown.  one foot planted firmly on the ground and the other outstretched..  pursuing the things i love, day by day, and trusting that it will fall into a pattern that makes sense.  grateful for the lessons of the year and ready for the new ones.  2014 – bring it on!


  1. The in-between/unknown is sometimes a very wondrous place to be!! Lots of creativity and innovation can come out of it! Wishing you a beautiful, fun and magical New Year Patty!! :)

  2. The in-between is a beautiful space. Wishing you and yours all the best for this up and coming new year - :-)!

  3. Happy New Year Patty!
    Transition is like now, and now... and now, oh now too :) I too feel the same, in transition, every moment brings something new to explore and go deep within.
    Yes, you said it, bring it on 2014! :) xx

  4. Oh Patty! I haven't been for a visit for such a long time. Not that I haven't been thinking of you - especially because of what you and Stu have been going through! I know it will still take some time and patience. Anyway, it's behind you now which is always a good place to be for that sort of thing. Dropping in to wish you a gentle and king 2014. May it bring you everything you need and all you long for. In between is OK, you know? A time to reflect, muse, and ponder what you want and which way you are headed. Take care. sending love and hugs, Donna

  5. Dear Patti,
    I read your post and I just want to say you have had a lot happen . On the outside looking in the best thing is your husband is back and he is healthy..Thats huge
    Still the process takes a huge toll on the partner of the person who was hurt. Just know you are amazingly talented your pictures are so amazing and you words and poetry is so deep and good. Before you know it this transition will pass just like CHRISTMAS and you will be wiser and stronger for it..

  6. Patty the picture's are simply amazing. I hope that things get better for you each day. You have such a solid outlook, your blog is truly a gift. Sending you warm thoughts.


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