Tuesday, January 14, 2014


so i seem to have a lot of pics of me in recent years “reaching”….. who knew that they would turn out to be illustrations of my word of the year for 2014: “REACH”?  as i mentioned before, the word did not come to me easily – i had to go in search of it and eliminate several others that were competing for attention, but now it feels just right.

i like my words to cover a lot of ground.  after all, we have a whole year to work with here.  i always start by writing about it and see what comes up, so here goes:


by delving for those parts of me that are hiding and unwilling to come into the light

by developing the  inner resources that will increase my capacity for gratitude, amazement and compassion

to silence and stillness….. spend more time there

by expanding my openness to spirit, the universe and all that is mysterious and unknown.  practice it.  regularly.

to those who are hurting or in need of encouragement or inspiration

by sharing through classes/workshops

to friends I want to reconnect with (regardless of which of us has dropped the ball)

to new ideas, friendships, projects, art techniques, classes, recipes and areas

by entertaining in my home

i like to start a practice around my new word.  keep track in writing of ideas related to it and ways i have implemented it.

my words from the last 4 years (justbe, imagine, venture and intention) are not going away.  after spending a year with each of them, they have become friends and have integrated themselves into my being.  they are part of me.  each new word adds to the mix and provides a gentle guidance in moving forward on this journey.  if you haven’t yet selected a word, there’s still time.  you’ll be surprised at how powerful it can be!


  1. What a wonderful word for 2014, Patty. It seems to be the natural choice, it just fits in the line with the other four words. I really love this word and it suits you and your journey. It will be interesting to see over the year where you are reaching to.

  2. Fantastic word! And I love how you explain the ways of reaching in, up and out, wonderful! Word of the year is simply life changing! I love love love it! Here's to "reach" and mine "bloom". x

  3. i love that idea of writing ideas related to it...never heard that before...you found such a great way to expand on it!

    the metaphysical group that i follow always has a word each year/or theme to the year. last year it was innovation, this year it's gratitude. so my year/life will revolve around that...which will be exciting to see how it plays out in my reality with my focus on gratitude all year!!

  4. The word REACH fits you perfectly. I must say that these are some of my favorite photos, especially the one of your arm reaching. Just stunning! Patty have a wonderful 2014, I hope we can meet up in person at some point!


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