Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snippets of Sedona

when you're in a new place, there can be a whole lot of "mind chatter" going on.  all the details of packing and getting there, anticipation of what you're going to do and trying to make the best of the time.... it can really be a sensory bombardment.

so soon it's all over and sometimes it seems like a bit of a scattered dream.

it's not until we can stop all of the overload, concentrate on breathing, feeling our body in the new space, and be totally aware that we begin to experience being there in a way that will stay with us.

those will be the moments that we look back on..... and draw from when it's all over.

fortunately, sedona lends itself very well to this process

our little house with a very big view

thanks ever so much for visiting!!


  1. Sedona is a place I will never tire of! Beautiful captures, Patty!

  2. Patty such great pics. I can't tell if my favorite is the moon or the wheel, they just capture beauty in simplicity. I so enjoyed this post.

  3. Sedona has called to me forever, and I have never made it there! So beautiful - must be wonderful to spend time in that energy. Hope all is well with you two and Stu is healing up nicely. Were you ever able to get into my blog. So annoying. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos - almost feel like I'm there and definitely feel like I want to BE there! hugs, Donna

  4. The most beautiful place on earth... Well captured!


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