Thursday, February 27, 2014

Glass Half Empty

lately i have caught myself a few times going down the glass half empty road.  you know the one, don’t you?  something in your life hasn’t met with your self-imposed expectations… and the disappointment starts to spread, picking up everything in its path.  suddenly nothing is immune and unless the virus is stopped by some intentional effort, it can spiral into a dark, foreboding place, affecting not only your creative output, but every aspect of your life.

fortunately i have been done this road before and know the signs.  that alone can make a difference.  i mean it’s all a matter of perspective.  it seems so simple, but once that exact same glass is viewed as half full, everything changes.  (it can be easier said than done, of course!)

“live in gratitude (ALWAYS)”

it’s a line from my own personal manifesto and i feel very strongly about it.  but i need a lot of reminders.  as oprah says in the oprah/brene brownecourse i am taking, “gratitude is not just a feeling, it’s a practice.”  done regularly.  whether we feel like it or not.  i like it.  i’m practicing.

 (hope you enjoy these images from torrey pines state beach)


  1. Yes, I do like the images (and please tell me, where is Torrey Pines State Park?). I can also understand what you wrote - I think there ARE times when we see the glass as half empty. The important thing, however, is to realize that we do - and that can change everything, because we see the glass as half full then.
    As you said, it's gratitude. I had very similar feelings just a couple days ago, after my Dad had died. Then I thought, there are so many things I can be grateful for - I have a wonderful husband who loves me, a beautiful daughter who is quirky and a bit goofy, but I wouldn't want her any other way; a couple friends that I can trust completely; we're all relatively healthy; we have a home we love and food on the table - isn't that just wonderful?? It's good to remember that.

  2. Patty, Such amazing images. I laughed at one point, as one of them reminded me of a dessert. Can you tell I am watching what I eat? Such good advice and again always on the mark. I saw a young 27 year old today at work, she is on chemotherapy for cancer, she has no hair and was whiter than a ghost due to a low blood count. It made me realize that my problems weren't problems. Thanks for always being the quiet reminder, with beautiful imagery to boot!


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