Monday, March 17, 2014

I Love the Night

i love the night
no, not everything about it
but i love to be in it
with that as the sole purpose
to be in it

to wrap myself with it
fall into the yawn of space,
inhaling the moon
and feasting on
the insistent whispers
of the lonely stars


  1. beautiful photographs Patty...I wish I could take photos at night...they have such an awesome feel to them!!

  2. That moon picture is amazing, Patty! A big WOW!

  3. Wonderful photos! It's exciting that a tree or a house can look so different if you watch it in the day or in the night.

  4. what i love about the night is the stillness. where i can just be in that stillness, the peaceful calm resonates and i become one with it.


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