Monday, March 10, 2014

A Season

things have been a little different around here.  ever since november, dealing with stu’s knees has been such a major focus of both of our lives.  as some of you already know, after both knees were replaced, the left one has healed and regained flexibility normally, but the right one has not.

so it’s been therapy, exercise, medication, doctor’s appointments, etc. etc.  last month he had an additional surgery which didn’t seem to help at all.  so then it was intensive daily therapy and hourly exercises and the current approach is steroids (for the scar tissue)….at this moment, things seem a little bit better so we are cautiously optimistic.  neither of us has had much experience dealing with medical “stuff” so it has all been quite a journey!

the other big thing going on around here is continuing home improvements.  our house, deck, shed, patio cover and studio are all made of wood and are aging.  so there is always maintenance needing to be done.  we also decided to tackle the so-called “yard”, which used to be grass, but has fallen prey to the gophers and rabbits.  so it’s hardscape and xeriscape now… low water, low maintenance. 

 i’ve been pretty homebound, since stu is gone a lot and somebody needs to be here “in charge” of  the workers coming and going. .i’ve been able to spend some time in my (new and improved!) studio creating things, which is wonderful, but my grant and my classes have run their course and i do not know what is next in that regard… 

 being ok with the uncertainty of that has been a challenge for me… i am doing a lot of journaling, seeking clarity, wondering which way to direct my energies… in the meantime, it has been a different sort of season.  embracing that and moving forward always, one little step at a time.

 thank you for stopping by!!


  1. love that last piece Patty...very nicely done! Your photography it just so beautiful, i am positive you will find your way with your art sooner than later!!

  2. I've been thinking about you lately, and suddenly there you are leaving sweet words on my blog. Beautiful snipets of your home and love the new studio! Hope you'll find clarity in your path soon. I find going back reading The Power of Now or even watching youtube videos by Eckhart Tolle really help.


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