Sunday, July 27, 2014

Time Spent in Amazement

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement  Mary Oliver

there are many different reasons why we seek time away from our normal day-to-day lives.  rest and relaxation, excitement and adventure, curiosity about new places…. just to name a few.

 for me personally, the most important element of a successful trip is the amount of time spent in amazement.  i love to be amazed and there are still plenty of places i can go to fulfill that need.

 our recent trip to washington was a big hit on the amazement scale – hence, a happy and rewarding experience. 

 it was not without challenges – rain, wind, motorhome repairs and bailey’s extreme agitation with the constant fireworks were all issues that had to be resolved….

 all part of the process, but fortunately, the amazement won out over those minor difficulties and that is what lives on in my mind.


  1. What a lovely post, and I totally agree. We're currently traveling the country nomadically and are in Washington State at the moment. There are so many sights here to amaze us. They truly make life worth living!

  2. Such a grand journey - I gotta say I do miss the 'wild west' - forests, rivers, green green green. Every place has it's beauty doesn't it. Sorry about Bailey and the fireworks. They shoot them off here on a regular basis and poor Habibi used to shake like a leaf. It's so hard on them. Really enjoyed your beautiful photography, Patty. The rest of your trip will be just as 'amazing'. hugs, Donna

  3. SOOO beautiful!! Those waterfalls...omgosh...amazing!!

  4. What pretty places you went to see. I think I will never run out of places that will amaze me. I had my big share this summer, that's for sure.


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