Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reaching Revisited

wow – so here we are in august.  before we know it it will be fall and this year will be winding down.  it seemed like a good time to re-visit my word of the year choice: reach.  

this is my 5th year of doing this and i can honestly say that it has been a powerful practice.  each year i have a journal to correspond with my word.  i use the right side of the page to jot down ways in which the word has manifested in my daily life.  i use the left side of the page to jot down brainstorming ideas of what else i could try related to the word.  if i end up doing those things, i cross them off.  the others i look back at from time to time.

what has been particularly interesting this year is the division between reaching OUT, reaching IN and reaching UP.  the reaching out part is a little more obvious, but i have made it a priority to find new ways to reach UP to the vastness and mystery that surrounds us and to reach IN through silence, meditation and intuitive writing.

reaching OUT is always in the back of my mind too and has prompted me to move into some new and interesting situations and relationships.

at this point, it’s too early for me to think about next year, but i’m pretty sure i will continue with yet another word because i do like where it takes me.


  1. You are SO disciplined!! I always forget my word after the first few months, until a reminder comes up like yours!! You can really take your word in many directions...will be interesting to hear more about it as the year comes to a close!

  2. Well, I just lost an entire comment - so annoying! I was saying that looking back on your beautiful journals in years to come with certainly show you your path of growth and you will realize how very far you have come. I adore the photograph of all the rocks piled up close to the water. How beautiful. I miss things like that here. I think it made me a little homesick for the beauty of that particular kind of nature. Enjoy the rest of the summer - as you say, it is fleeting. xoDonna

  3. I like how you revisit your word of the year. That really is a good practice. I have almost lost my word - I actually had to stop for a moment and think about it. I'm pretty sure that the word for next year will come to you.

  4. I enjoy doing word of the year too. It really is powerful. It's amazing isn't it? Happy to know you're still reaching in, out and up :-) Go Patty! (oops! ok, a little hyper today ;-)) xx

  5. Have followed you through the years and been so impressed of your words, have tried to do the same but it haven't worked out but I still love to read about your words and why you choose them.


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