Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Born to Blog!

i know it sounds weird, believe me. let me explain. all this talk in flying lessons about creative expression, blogging, etc. leads me to this highly unanticipated conclusion. i was born to blog! will it make a lot of sales for me? grow my “creative biz”? probably not. but you know what?? i don’t really care.

when i started blogging just over 7 months ago, i had the same fears as a lot of those i’ve been reading about. will i have anything interesting to say? worse yet, will i have anything at all to say? will i feel “exposed”? i’ve long kept journals, but was very reluctant to put my private thoughts out there in public.

the reality? since day 1, i have not lacked for a topic. in fact, i could post more, but would not want to commit to that level of time (or, worse yet, to bore you!)  it has sort of taken on a life of its own within the larger context my life and just has me soooo energized.

why? well, one thing i’ve known about myself since the early days of my journey was that i was very drawn to pairing words and images. in my case, the images are mostly photographic ones. so taking an idea that i want to throw out there (narrative or poetic) and finding the images to illustrate it…. wow – it’s just the BEST. i mean, seriously folks, i could make this a full-time job. speaking of matching words to images, i wrote this out and didn't really have a clue how to illustrate it, so i took my camera (the good one!) on my walk this morning and these are some of what i happened to notice along the way. 

the other reason is because of all of YOU. oh yes, there have been times when i doubted myself…. times when my heartfelt thoughts didn’t elicit a single comment. times when i questioned if i said just the right thing.  but at least one of you always came to the rescue and added your sweet encouragement. that’s all it took. i don’t know where this is all heading, but baby, i was born to blog (ok, small disclaimer - at least this is how i feel this day and at this time!) and to all of you out there witnessing my step up to the top of the mountain (and the edge of the precipice!) THANK YOU!!!


  1. oh yes!!! were born to blog!!!! love it....i am singing in my best Bruce Springsteen voice possible!!!!

    love that you are flying with your photos!

    love you!
    yup...i do!


  2. Patty these photo's are wonderful! You were born to blog. I can't wait to see and read more.

  3. I feel the same way about blogging...such a release and so much to talk about! Those photo's are great..I found photography via blogging...another huge love...

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog Patty. I treasure everyday with my mom and yes I am like you, I will take it slow and ease into all this information. Little steps....
    I love your blog, your photos are incredible. You are very talented.

  5. Blogging can really be a blessing - I know for me it is, very therapeutic. And I agree with you - the nice comments I get in my blog, in my email, and in social networks just lifts me up and encourages me to move forward. :D

  6. Those snapshots are fantastic, gorgeous,...oh!those trees with those flowers. I love nature, I was so moved with your photos. Thank you so much for popping into my blog. So wonderful having this new community as part of the ecourse with Kelly Rae Roberts. Have a wonderful weekend and "Enjoy the Ride"

  7. i, for one, am so so so so happy that you took that first step and packed up your backpack sister...
    i love watching you step up your mountain
    the joy i get from your photos doesn.t hurt one little bit as well.
    huge loves to a huge heart....

  8. oh yes, patty, so very glad you looked upward and decided to begin your journey scaling the mountain. and that you are taking us with you. i remember the early trepidation and rejoice that you learned that you are indeed "born to blog"! love

  9. Baby, you *were* born to blog! I love to read along.


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