Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Questioning Myself...

i just finished a new powerpoint presentation.  it’s about contemplative photography.  it’s a topic near and dear to my heart and i’m pleased with how it all turned out.  i would love to do a little workshop on this topic, but i have to be honest.  i have absolutely no confidence that anyone would come. 

i know that this probably sounds like i’m beating myself up – like a case of the old demons, creeping up behind me and craftily wielding their wily wands.  in part, that may be true.  when i come up with something new, i have trouble believing that it will be well-received.  and i’ve successfully moved past that stuckness on many occasions.

but another part of this is actually based on experience.  i’m starting to realize more and more that my creative passions are somewhat out of the mainstream.  for instance, the average person who would take a photography class is more interested in developing technical skill than in wanting to use photography as a form of meditation…..

so what happens if the things that you want to teach are not things that most people want to learn??  i have really been struggling with this lately.  i have put soooo much time and effort  into creating various presentations and curriculums for things that i am passionate about and, for the most part, i don’t know what to do with them.

i suppose there are others out there somewhere who would resonate with them, but i’m not at all sure i have what it takes to go about finding them.  sorry to be on a bit of a downer here…. just trying to keep it real.  and i know that no matter what, i need to follow my own path and not one that is designed by the demands of others.... sigh...

curious if any of you have ever felt this way.... it's entirely possible that it's just me.


  1. I think you just have to stick to what you believe...holding on to the hope that 'if you build it..they will come'!!

  2. I really think there are a lot of people out there who are very interested in what you have to offer! And even if you only got a few people to sign up for your class...you know in your heart that you went out of your comfort zone and you did something that you are passionate about! Besides those few will benefit greatly and you have to start somewhere, right!!

    Susannah Conway is hugely popular and she doesn't teach technique.

    I think it would be a shame to not go for it!!

  3. we all have these feelings, follow your gut, it will tell you which way to go,, we really already know which path to take its just sometimes we forget,,It doesn't matter how many people come, if one person gains knowledge and skill from you , then you were a success, its no measured by numbers.

  4. I'm not sure it is as 'out of the main stream' as you may think. More and more people and seeking and searching. Personally think it's a wonderful idea .. build it .. they will come. :o) xoDonna

  5. Oh Patty, I've spent most of my life thinking that I was the only one who loved my art, which I consider to be definitely off of the mainstream...it's only recently that I'm getting validation from others. You have to do what you do for the LOVE of it! And trust the universe..jane

  6. Hi Patty, thank you for visiting my blog.

    Why is it we always devalue our own talents and abilities. You have such a strong sense for photographing landscapes and closeup shots that others would certainly want to learn your secrets. If it is meditation that drives you, it could also be a driving force for others. As an example, take your photo of the yellow flower. . .wouldn't we all love to be able to photograph and capture the details of this bloom.

    GO FOR IT!


  7. I think you're very brave, who want to develop and share something new with your artistic skills. I've told you before how much I would have loved to participate in one of your retreats and this one would have been perfect. But I guess that it's also an economic matter for you and a "cyber fan" like me won't make you rich.

    I wish you good luck with the project!

  8. i guess you'll never know until you take the first step of going out there and offer what you have. when i participated my first art & craft market, i doubted people would want to buy my art stuff, i didn't sell many items but i loved the experience, amazed that people actually stop and look at my wares and i had fun engaging with others. i think it is as much about the interaction and connection with others as to the art stuff or class itself. the human spirit seeks connection, art is the bridge.

  9. I agree with Marcie completely - stick to what you believe in and what you're passionate about. Otherwise it wouldn't be you. For me it's your off-mainstream that pulls me to this place over and over again.
    I can understand that you feel discouraged sometimes, but I do believe there are people out there who would cherish what you have to offer. I for one would attend a workshop about meditative photography - perhaps because I have a sense for what it can give me. And I'm probably not the only one.

  10. Absolutely, my dear. You are not alone.

    But you reminded me that I was looking at a photography place website once and the one class that I did want to sign up for was on a similar note - using photography as a contemplative/meditative/way of looking at the world. So, I do believe that there are people out there who would resonate with whatever is in your heart to offer, even if it feels like they are invisible sometimes.



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