Monday, June 27, 2016

The Silver Lining

it’s been just one year since stu’s prostate cancer diagnosis.   a journey for sure.  this was not the slow-growing non-aggressive type that lots of guys are able to just let be.  it had to be dealt with.  so in addition to surgery we started a journey of wellness that is with us for the long term.  

first we soaked up the knowledge from The Truth About Cancer (video series).  revealing. eye-opening.  mind-boggling.  what really causes cancer and how to avoid it and deal with it.  all the stuff that you will never find out within the walls of the medical establishment.  
 next we participated in Food Matter’s Total Wellness Summit. validation and much more detail about the nutritional course we were following as well as the various aspects of wellness.  it all makes so much sense.  we are left wondering why this info is not more “mainstream”, but then there are lots of powerful forces keeping that from happening, despite the horrendous health risks our current culture is fostering.  (there are not a lot of dollars to be made from wellness but plenty from illness...)

to top it off we signed up for the Food Revolution Summit with john and ocean robbins.  fascinating information, all based on scientific research.  tips, recipes, suggestions, etc. totally practical and very hopeful and positive in its message.

 we have learned massive amounts of information about the current state of our soils and food supply, industry-induced food addictions, the american disease/drug epidemic (all so unnecessary!) the horrific treatment of animals in the meat and dairy industries, environmental impacts of these same industries and so much more.  
Precious Life Animal Sanctuary
truly, we were clueless.  once you know, you can’t “un-know”.  we are both loving the new way of life and how it promotes not only physical health but confidence, mental alertness and a clear conscience regarding what we put into our bodies. now instead of facing meal prep just thinking of what would be easy and taste good, i truly think in terms of what kind of nutrition i can pack in.  and it tastes great too!  we do not feel “deprived” in any way or miss the old foods.  happily, as a side effect, stu has been able to ditch all the medications he was previously on and we are both illness-free.

so…. while we wouldn’t have asked for cancer in our lives, we are deeply grateful for the path it has taken us down. so there you have it – the silver lining! 


  1. You have both been through so much change this year, and I'm so glad it's been positive for you. What inspiring neighbors you are, Dears!

  2. Patty,
    I am so glad I know you and I am so happy your husband is getting better. I always read your blog . I don't miss post and I keep you in my prayers. I am going to start watching the series tonight. Thank you for sharing your journey w us. G


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