Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yikes - I'm off the Fence!!!

as many of you know, i have been sitting on the "blog fence" for a long time now, weighing the pros and cons endlessly, as i tend to do. in the end, i realized that i will never really know how i feel about blogging until i actually get off the pot (or the fence!) and do it.

here is what has really turned the corner for me. i have recently returned from one of the most fabulous experiences of my life - an art (and much more!) retreat on the coast of oregon (bepresentretreats). i now have 24 new SOUL SISTERS who are all lovely, creative, beautiful-inside-and-out women. most of them are using their blogs to define, describe and re-live their experiences.... and i was feeling left out! i also wanted to share how amazing this "time out of time" was and the impact it had on my life.

also, as i look at the other blogs out there, i see the incredible ways in which these women look at their day-to-day experience and find the wonder and beauty there. i want to do the same and i feel that committing to this (blog) will prompt me to do just that.  if in the process i can share something that someone else finds helpful or inspiring that would make me sooo happy!


p.s. i have a lot of catching up to do, so check back soon!!


  1. WHOO HOO PATTY!!!!!
    i am the first to follow and comment!!! i am so glad you got off the pot and started glad i can keep up on you this way!
    i loved how you referenced our retreat as "time out of time"... : )
    it made me smile!
    be well my soul sister!

  2. yeah patty!!! so happy about your blog. thanks for the lovely group photos. terrific!! you rock and i miss you tons. hugs, mindy

  3. so exciting patty!
    and a beautiful post to begin with!

  4. you do rock, patty. you leaped OVER the fence, my friend! love

  5. Love it, love it, love it! So glad to see you're doing this!

  6. Soul Sisters...I love that!

    Glad you're blogging!

  7. my dear new friend...this is lovely and wonderful!

  8. yahoo! you definitely leaped over the fence in a big way! love it!


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