Saturday, July 3, 2010

Purple and Unplugging

"i think it pisses god off if you walk by the color purple
 in a field somewhere and don't notice it"
alice walker
Personally, I think the same principle applies to the color yellow....

...or pink...

...or orange...

well, you get the idea!

bottom line.... PAY ATTENTION!!

i'll leave you with that thought.  i'll be on the road and unplugging for a while.  a little scary, but i'm looking forward to it.  i will miss you guys, oh yes i will.  but i know you'll be here on the other side!!

new updates on fall retreat here

happy 4th to you and happy birthday america!!!


  1. Awwww! Isn't is loverly! Beautiful pics. Have a wonderful holiday. See you when you get back with all that new inspiration and words of wisdom that bubbled to the top while you were 'out there'. Enjoy. xx

  2. We'll be here.

    Happy Fourth! Have an enjoyable vacation! I'm looking forward to seeing all your photos. :)

  3. Beautiful post, Patty! I'll be thinking of you on your vacation! Have a great time! Let me know when you are back in town!

  4. OMG, your photos are gobsmakingly beautiful!♥

  5. Oh My Goodness Miss Patty..again your photography blows me away! Truly enjoyed my walk with you this a.m. Loved the quote by Alice Walker..and I TOTALLY AGREE with her sentiments!

    Hope you're having a great time vacationing! Here's hoping you're taking LOTS and LOTS of new photos that you'll be sharing! gotta know you truly have a gift with that camera of yours!

    Oh and BTW, thank so much for your sweet comment regarding one of my latest creations. The Wooden Assemblage piece. I'm finding Soldering incredibly exciting. Never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever enjoy it so much.

    Hurry home! Your Fan Club will be missing you!

    Hugs of Happiness & Georgia Sunshine,

  6. Dear Patty-have a great (and safe) vacation! I look forward to hearing all about your "unplugging" journey-sometimes, it's just the thing we need!

  7. i think those flowers can't helped but be noticed! enjoy being unplugged! :)

  8. Anyone's world will be brighter with these flowers for a view! Have a lovely vacation/adventure!


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