Friday, September 7, 2012

On the Road Again....

by time you read this, we should be hurdling along the highway, heading north. (thank goodness - this heat has been doing me in!)  we will be camping in the forest north of lake tahoe and then spending some time at the lake with family before a much-anticipated reunion for stu.  right at this moment i feel completely overwhelmed, unsure how i will ever get everything done on my list before it is time to go...... but somehow it happens!

First Captain

My passenger position  (looks like that shoe needs a little Shoe Goo!)

once we get on the road it takes my brain at least a couple of days to disengage from all the craziness and unwind.  looking forward to that change in mentality.....

i am sometimes so amazed that 3 years into it, i am still forging ahead with my little blog, using it to share my thoughts and ideas, as well as my photos, and that my faithful readers (though the list has evolved) are still here, encouraging me on my journey.  i am humbled and completely blown away by this.... who knew???  so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!  catch you on the other side....
Looking forward to the trails!


  1. Wonderful photos - I like the shoe-one!
    Happy journey with your captain!

  2. jealous!! have an awesome trip!! love your photos...just want to be in that bottom one right now!!!

  3. I envy you for your travels. We haven't done any since last year's summer because of the house purchase. Well, you just can't have everything. Have a wonderful trip, I look forward to your photos.

  4. I wish I was coming with. :) I love living through the lens of your camera! You lead an interesting life!

  5. Looks incredible. I'm guessing you got everything done! :o) My Mamma somehow got it down to a science as smooth as silk. Papa would pull the "Road Runner" (silly name for a 30 ft. monster), Mama would hop in. One stop at the grocery store for fresh stuff, and they were on a road -- oh and a telephone call to us to say 'could you keep an eye on the house'. It never ceased to amaze me. I'm sure you are much more organized than you think or let on my friend. Now you are having a wonderful time on the open road. Gosh I do miss Road Trips! Stay in touch - always love to hear what's on your mind. xoDonna

  6. Dreamy photos, Patty. You are so fortunate to take these lovely trips...
    Enjoy every moment. Jane

  7. i'm glad i found your blog through blog hopping. thank you for sharing a piece of your world with us.
    happy & safe journey, be back soon!

  8. I hope you have a wonderful time!


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