Thursday, September 20, 2012

Off the Grid

it’s not something i would voluntarily choose.  i mean i like my little stream of email, blog comments, updating with facebook and the fairly constant distraction of instagram..... 

but when you’re off the grid – no wifi, cell service or electricty, well, there’s no choice in the matter.  that’s how i spent much of the last few weeks.

 in the back of my mind, i know i’m getting “behind” with everyone, but since there is no choice, there really is no pressure either....

i’m forced to forget about it and concentrate on other things....

like really experiencing and documenting my surroundings.....

and details...

lots of lovely details....

i'm back now, but glad that i had those opportunities!

(and i will catch up..... eventually..... our next trip (another reunion) is just 2 weeks away, overwhelmed a bit and trying to go with the flow....)


  1. i absolutely loved it when i was in Wisconsin for a week without WIFI or cell service this summer. two weeks may be hard, i agree...but i came back so refreshed and relaxed and will definitely unplug for a week again next matter where i go!

    your photos are just stunning...!!!

  2. wow! wow! and more wow! beautiful! glad you went off the grid to capture these!

  3. incredible off the grid photos, Patty. "Sigh" - so peaceful and serene. These days a huge gift of quiet. soDonna

  4. Take your time to get back, Patty - it's so worth it for you. These pictures are amazing, I love the peacefulness of the last one. The colors are fantastic!! It looks like you had a good time.

  5. I love your photos and glad that you shared them so we also could enjoy those beautiful places you've been visiting. I've also "been off" the blog life, not because of traveling to places far away - just traveling in the ordinary life with work, a house, children and parents to care about.


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