Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pushing Myself

we used to hike a lot.  before stu’s knees went south, we thought nothing of an 8 -10 mile day hike and even logged about 16 on occasion (pretty sure getting lost pumped up those miles above what was intended…)

 anyway, one of the reasons i choose to go up to the mountains last week was to re-hike suicide rock.  i’d done it a few years back and remembered it as a great experience.  round trip including wandering at the top is about 7 miles.  no problem, right?  well, truthfully, the 7 miles were not a problem, but the 2,000 foot elevation gain… well, that gave me a run for my money!  and blatantly reminded me that i’m not in the shape i once was…


i was very determined, however, and fortunately it was a sunny but cool day.  pretty sure i could not have done it in the heat.  the way up seemed… well, endless.  and although there are some lovely views along the way, the big views are at the end.  so it was pretty much trudging up, up and up some more. gasp.

The last leg...

 by time i finally huffed and puffed my way to the top, my legs felt literally like jelly.  i questioned my decision at several points along the way, but the final destination was oh, so sweet!  i had the whole place to myself.  the views, the quiet, and the satisfaction that pushing and persevering always pay off in the end.  yes. (oh, the way down was a piece of cake!)

Umm... totally get why it's called Suicide Rock! (there's a story, of course)

(keep moving forward...........)


  1. i had to laugh...that's how i feel these days...huffing and puffing when i hike...and i don't even hike as far as you do! really is an awesome physical accomplishment! at least you were rewarded with amazing views!

  2. Patty, you just rock (without the suicide, please)! I haven't done a big hike in such a long time, I'm pretty sure I would huff and puff as well and I'm not even certain I would make it to the top these days. I really miss hiking!

  3. Huff and puff! So sweet it sounds in my ear and I know that I also would have been huffing and puffing to reach the top of that mountain but it would have been worth it! Unbeatably beautiful!

  4. Good Gracious Alive! Suicide Rock And Her Surrounding Beauty Took My Breath..Without even leavin' the farm so to speak. :)) But Honestly, The way I see it Miss Patty..You're in pretty good shape to have completed the hike you described. Shoot, this Southern Girl would have had friends waitin' on top with a helicopter to bring my tired-behind back down after that lit'l haul. Haha. But truly...what an amazingly beautiful backdrop to have shared an afternoon with.

  5. I would love to take that hike with you some time! Very beautiful!

  6. Good for you, Patty! Such beauty to be in. That in itself must be so rejuvenating. Beautiful, beautiful photographs. Felt like I was there with you. The blue in those mountains is spectacular. xoDonna


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