Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's All Inside

we don’t have any kids.  or grandkids.  or parents.  or family close by.  this can feel a little sad during the holidays.  i have my moments…. but i’m more and more aware these days that all of that does not guarantee happiness.  or peace of heart.  that it truly is ALL INSIDE.  

 and even if your days are filled with one celebration after another and endless excitement, activity and family gatherings, if you are not in touch with your inner self and at peace right at that spot deepest within you, well… that stuff can temporarily distract you but none of it can act as a substitute.  

 i look around me and see people running around, stressed out of their minds, trying to get to some point when, apparently, it will all come together for them and everything will be right.  i’m afraid that for most of them, that time never comes because they never stop. 

the blessing that i have is the ability to stop.  yes, december is still crazy with all there is to do,  and i’m grateful for these things, but i have many moments to myself in which i can breathe, think about what’s important and receive whatever the universe has to give me.

that to me is the peace of the season and that’s what i wish for for you as well.  deep peace that goes beyond all the fanfare and is the true and lasting source of joy.  yes.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS my friends!!

Visions of sugarplums dance in her head!


  1. Marry Christmas Patty and thanks for your wonderful words. I have gone through all possible feelings these last days but right now I think I've landed and almost "found my inner self", maybe only for a moment but all these moments are important for me.

  2. Beautiful post, Patty - and yes, we seem to have been on the same wave lengths when we did out blogs. :o) LOVE the photograph of your baby. Happy Christmas to you and Stu - and a hug for the beautiful one. (Sorry, I have forgotten her name!). Take care of each other and enjoy the season. xoDonna

  3. is all so true. the past few years i have downsized this week, but simply refusing to buy into all the "empty obligations" christmas morning is just us and the kids at our house. mom and dad will stop by and no more three days with bryces family. it is all just too much. i find that i am much happier and content, the way it is supposed to be.

    i wish you such a happy holiday. merry christmas and an amazing new year.
    it makes me happy getting to see all your travels and to see our world thru your eyes.
    blessed to have you girlfriend.


  4. Love this beautiful heartfelt post. Wishing you and yours all the best for this up and coming new year!!!

  5. Merry Xmas Patty-LOVE this post and you are absolutely right! None of that makes us happy if we don't have it inside us anyway!! And yes...slowing down is a gift. And I laughed so hard reading your Holiday Story a couple of posts down!!! This year...I bought my own Xmas gifts from Tim because we just had no time (having a 3 year old around Xmas kinda' takes over everything!!). Love the pic of Bailey too:) Wishing you all the very best in the coming year! xxx


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