Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Intention Specifics (and Tucson)

 my intention with this post (ok, i’ll try not to over-use that word!) is to share some of the specifics related to my word of the year… and also to share some of the many pics from our recent trip to the tucson area.  

Pima County Courthouse

Yes, there are skyscrapers!

At the historic Presidio
 we did something different every day while we were there, so i’ve tried to choose a few that would capture that variety and also some of the essence of this lovely southwestern area.  this post will show the more civilized areas and i will save the natural settings for another post. 

Tubac shopping and so much ART!
History in Tubac

 in general terms, my intentions are to:

nurture my creative spirit
nurture my healthy body
nurture my relationships
inspire, encourage and share whatever i can with those around me

St. Augustine Cathedral

Ranch House at Colossal Cave

  that keeps things pretty simple.  beyond this, i have many specifics as well which i won’t enumerate.  and i’m going to try to work with “intention-setting” as a new practice.  it still feels a little awkward for me, but i know it will evolve with time! 

San Xavier Mission exterior

San Zavier interior (amazing!!)
Downtown Tucson
 i have a notebook (of course!) to document brainstorming
 ideas and generally keep track of things.  i’m excited about the possibilities! 

Inside Colossal Cave

Titan Missile Museum

in other news, i have started my grant teaching and added a recent update to my inside out project

Our host on New Year's Eve


  1. Nice post Patty. It will be fun working with intentions and I look forward to hearing all about it. Love the horse on New Year's Eve - all dressed up. How gorgeous. xoDonna

  2. wow! the colours! love all the "intentions" :)
    yay to teaching again! sending lots of love to and your students.

  3. Such beautiful images to illustrate your new year's intentions!

  4. There is so much color and variety there! Loved seeing it through your eyes!


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