Saturday, January 26, 2013

Desert Magic

sometimes nature
does a little showing off
no holds barred
really lets it all hang out

 and every once in a while
we find ourselves lucky enough
to be witness
to such a show

 there’s something about the desert…
in winter
before, during or after a storm
it’s one of those special shows

 how grateful i am
to have been part
of such a performance

(pure magic....)


  1. Look at the sky in the last photo - after all that darkness - how beautiful. xodonna

  2. beautiful calming and tranquil,

  3. So very beautiful... really magical

  4. Yes, we are so lucky to be the witnesses and also that we can share our outdoor "gallery visits".

  5. how lucky you were indeed, gorgeous pictures, patty!!

  6. We must have both been in the same place at the same time. Yes - the magic of the southwestern desert!

  7. That looks like quite the storm! Beauty!

    I remember a few photos of mine from just before a storm on the coast. There is something so magical about the ocean against the darkness.

  8. WOW! amazing! i have never been to a desert before. Last one is my fav!

  9. i'm going to Joshua Tree at the end of next month, so your beautiful photos are getting me all excited for the trip!!

  10. Magic is the right word, Patty. We, too, experienced this kind of weather, colors and mood when we were in Saguaro National Park (where, I assume, your pics were taken) two winters ago. Yes, it is pure magic. I love this part of the desert.


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