Monday, January 7, 2013

I Love when this Happens!

i definitely have more to say about my chosen word “intention”… but i also have a boatload of pics from our recent trip to the tucson area and want to share some of them before they become old news and i get involved in other things.

one of the things i love about the southwestern states is the native american influence.  i have often thought that i may have been the member of one tribe or another in some former life.  the music, the customs, the fires, the homage to the earth and natural things… it all excites me and feels, in a way, somehow familiar.  coming from dutch heritage and growing up in the midwest…. go figure!

 anyway, when we were tooling around downtown Tucson on foot we happened upon la cocina (“tucson’s venue with a menu”). not only was the food fantastic, but your dog can be at the table with you.  the outdoor courtyard is surrounded by artisans, studios and historical shops (you can browse while waiting for your food!).  there’s a stage set up and the aztec dancers were just getting ready to perform.  perfect timing and i had my camera!

the dancers were a family from mexico city (ok, technically not native american), very sweet and informative about what they were doing.  i spoke with them afterwards and bought a few of their crafts.  even though i am not a city girl, this was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  totally unexpected….right at the dawn of the new year... i love when that happens!! 


  1. beautiful photos, I really enjoyed this post, I think it so interesting that you feel such a connection, thats really cool,

  2. What a wonderful experience, Patty! Such great photos, I can feel the mood. I, too, enjoy the Southwest in a big part because of its Native American influence. To me this is something very special.

  3. Aren't the colours in the costumes absolutely brilliant. How fortunate to have 'dropped in' to this wonderful happening. I love the Aztec dancers here too - although they don't seem to be so colourful. xodonna

  4. love your photos...but my favorite is your husband and dog...that looks like a match made in heaven...the love is just oozing out of it!!!

  5. i have that feeling too, the connection. perhaps in another life time, i was a medicine woman? and maybe we've met before? who knows? ;) one of the first few spiritual books that i read was from lynn andrews. love her books. and as always your photos are absolutely gorgeous!


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