Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bombay Beach

sounds alluring, doesn’t it?

not sure that’s the perfect word although

it does have some sort of spell on me….

what is it about bombay beach??

sure, it’s dilapidated structures hold

silenced hints of stomped-on dreams

squished by the realities of floods and financial ruin,

now years into their premature involuntary graves,

only persistent whispers remaining

of their once vibrant existence.

and though i’m captured by the intrigue

of those long-buried eerie relics of life,

they’re only one piece of the puzzle

that gives this place it’s hauntingly unique flavor.

the backdrop of glowing white sand beaches,

courtesy of cycle after cycle of the sacrificed lives

of fish and crustaceans,

intensified by the layers of encrusted salt,

lit by the relentless rays of desert sun,

perched over iridescent blue saltwater

and surrounded by misty mountain ranges,

contributes its share of drama

to this ethereal landscape.

and then there are the birds –

the constant, over-riding factor

in this strange juxtaposition of elements.

their persistent presence echos life

in the face of decay,

their valiant cries speak of hope in the face of hopelessness

in such a powerful way that it can’t be denied.

you really have to see it to believe it!
salton sea, 3/3/10


  1. what an incredible place. How did you ever find it?

  2. Jennifer, all I can say is that we like to explore - especially unusual places!

    Also wanted to add that all of the sweet comments on my previous post just make my heart sing! I didn't realize when I started blogging that it's only half about posting and the other half about having all these cool conversations with everyone through commenting. I love it and love you!!

  3. beautifully said patty! thanks so much for the uplifting words you've brought me the last couple of days. it feels good. its so great knowing all of you are behind me. even more so than many of my so-called friends. thank YOU!

  4. Just reading the comments -- very amazing isn't it. We have, in so many different ways, developed this very real bond and caring for each other!

    Your piece today is fascinating. You need to do a coffee table book with these sorts of stories! Now, I want to know a whole long more about Bombay Beach, and will in all likely hood do some more research at some point.

  5. holy moly patty. beautiful pictures you weave together with your words, your photos and your passion! beautiful


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