Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Take A Lavender Break!

come walk with me through these fields of lavender...

immerse yourself in the color and let it soak into your pores...

pick a sprig and inhale deeply...

close your eyes and feel the healing aroma course through your veins,
flow out to your fingertips and deep into your soul.

stay right there until you are ready to come back to the challenges of your life...

Repeat as needed!


  1. I went on a photo outing to a lavender field in Hood River (did not know there was such a thing until I saw photos on someone's blog) this summer. I think those were the first photos on my photo blog. It was so beautiful. So so so beautiful. (There were also lots of bees. The buzzing was almost palpable.)

    These photos are so beautiful - and remind me of that day.

  2. lavendar lady, lovely shots. i'm smiling because i met YOU

  3. these were taken at the lavender festival in sequim, which is like the lavender capital of the country. they have at least 10 huge lavender farms that sell everything you can think of made of lavender!

  4. ooooooooh i love this...the pictures immediately brought a sense of calm to me...then i read the words and that helped even more! thank you dear Patty!!!

    ps. I am so glad you enjoyed the Pearl Jam song "Just Breathe" - such a good one!!

  5. hey hey little lavender girl! these are wonderful. all your pictures are glorious. so i left you a little prize on my blog. check it out dear.
    have the best day!


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