Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mt. Palomar and Thanksgiving

i had the awesome privilege last week to spend a few days up on mt. palomar.  though it feels a world away from here, it is only one hour's drive.

Palomar Art Project

i can still remember....

the light through the leaves as i lay on my back looking up at the sky

the birds with their darting eyes, ever-vigilant, taking turns at the bird-feeder

empty roads and empty trails, beckoning me up and over, around and down...

crisp evening air, smoke curling from the chimney, huddled in my wearable blanket, in awe of the milky way, sliver moon and distant city lights...

as for thanksgiving, i am really blessed beyond measure, but i am especially grateful for these past 3 months - the opportunity to travel and spend quality time with family and new friends (you know who you are!) were exactly what i needed to help move beyond the major funk i found myself in after the demise of my teaching career - LOVE to you all - i am forever grateful!!!

P.S. more photos here:
P.S.S.  i also updated bunches of photos on my website here:


  1. you continually blow me away with your images. happy thanksgiving patty! xoxo judy

  2. you photographs are incredible. I just love looking at them. you are a star!

  3. you have a gift with that camara. your words touch me. thank you patty.. love ya!!


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