Monday, November 2, 2009

What Took Me So Long??

ever since reading julia cameron's the artist's way, back on the BIG TRIP in 2001, i've known that my artistic vision involved piecing together some combination of images and words. i have tried to put that vision into practice with my 5 nomadic notebook shows and i feel that this blog could be another extension of that vision. since those days, i have stockpiled thousands of images and (quite possibly) millions of words. what took me so long to start this??

i am so very, very grateful to those of you who have chosen, in the course of your hectic days, (i hope i'm not assuming too much there...) to stop by and, at least momentarily, be my little audience. it's really quite an exhilarating feeling!



  1. after a long, long day, i want to step into these gorgeous photos. i am so glad you are sharing these pieces of you...of your journey...

    blessings and light to you dear girl.

  2. i love your photos. i am also glad you are sharing them.

  3. Love the gorgeous photos and your words Patty!!
    i agree with Liz...i just want to step right inside of these pictures and be right there!

  4. so beautiful patty. i am so happy that you have found your way to sharing your work.


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