Thursday, November 12, 2009

It Feels Like the Right Time....

it feels like the right time to tell this story. it's hard to believe just 6 months ago i was still teaching. i spent 32 years of my life this way (ok - 31 - i took that year off in 01-02).

This Year

The 80's

First Class

the last 5 years were the best because i finally got to do what i loved, what i actually felt born to do. i started reading intervention programs in 2 schools. at one point i had 6 teachers working with the program and at another point (as the budget shrank) i trained and managed a group of 12 volunteers. i garnered thousands of dollars in grant money and presented the program principles to teachers and administrators at the county level. the programs did amazing things for hundreds of kids, especially the ones we got to very early, which was the focus.

SMART program

BLAST program


but the money ran out and it's all over now. i wasn't willing to go back in the direction that the district was wanting to move me, so i was pretty much there one day and gone the next, never to return.

it's been a challenging transition. i've done a lot of grieving. my personal identity has done a bit of roller coastering and my self-esteem has been hiding in a dark, sad place. how could such good intentions and so much hard work just go up in a puff of smoke??

it's taken a while, but i'm finally starting to channel the energy left in the cinders of those hopes and dreams in new directions. the love and support of family and friends have been nothing short of priceless. there is life on the other side and it feels good.  i have a lot of freedom  and now i get a retirement check. how lucky is that?


  1. not a puff of smoke, dear lady. you have left a legacy of educational and personal enrichment. thank you for sharing your story and yourself. you make an impact. every day.

  2. i bet you rocked as a teacher and you still re rocking today! love ya!

  3. Some days I miss it too Patty! I enjoyed working with you at Foussat!

  4. What a powerful story. You are now presenting with this incredible scary opportunity. I am excited for you because I know you will continue to do brillant things. wishing you the best of luck!


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